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Did you ever look at that battered old Knight in the Forest and wonder, What happened to him? Ever wonder what his history was? Or how he ended up there? Well my friends, this story should tell you all that and more.

Cover art is not mine, it is SharkAlpha's.

FEATURED ON JULY 6TH OF 2016!! Oh my gosh! I...I have no words! I never thought this would happen to me! Thank you to everyone who supported me! Thank you so much!


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Looks really interesting, follow this fic i shall!


If you could make these longer, say 2k or 3k per chapter. I think they'd be much more enjoyable. Add detail, side thoughts, thoughts, dialogue, emotions. Add things like how the weather is fairing, what could be the thoughts of ponies as they react to a human in Equestria?! Do this, and I think you will excel! I want that! If you do this, I'm sure you'll give me a reason to add this to my favorites list, for now, on the read later with a like and a wait to bare to see the next chapter. Good luck my friend, I hope to see new content soon!

Will do! I suppose it is lacking when it comes to the amount of words, which can be attributed to my laziness. So...yeah, sorry about that!


Nye my friend, no need to say sorry! I'd love to see writers prosper!


It shows a lot of promise, and in the back of my head, I was wondering if Celestia was the woman, but then I remembered that she has purple eyes (friends say it some other color, but hey, I can only see darker shades of purple).

Thank you! And to be completely honest, I was going to make Celestia the woman, but decided against it.

"What are you doing outside in this horrible weather? You'll catch a—" I stared down in surprise at the small, butter yellow horse with wings that was standing in the doorway. It had large, teal eyes that stared right back at me in fear before it promptly shut the door on me with a cute little "Eep!"

I stood motionless at the door, standing there in the rain wondering what in the world just happened.

I can tell this guy is off on a good start! XD


Bright idea then. If you would've made the woman Celestia, then this HiE would be trashed quickly. Seen many fall before because of that. Oh! Only if they pull it off well can that kind go off without problems.

I am very interested in this, I've been considering writing something along the same premise, good luck to you.

Yay, so awesome and adorable, please continues!

White death is heading your way.

In my opinion, this is a very unique story. I thought people would not even bother to think about such a small character such as Asmund, a Heide Knight. Which most people would consider immaterial since the good thing about the knight in the fort is only his sword and the generous ammount of souls for new players.

Overall, I have taken a liking into your story. Well done:twilightsmile:

5931909 Just don't let this fict be dead like other souls story, okay?

Well I gave this a shot and I kind of like it, chapters are a bit short for my tastes but they're still good. I also liked that you used this character as most just use the main character from the Soul series. So it will be interesting as we and the cast learn more about him as he slowly learns more about himself as well. Although I'm surprised that they aren't a bit concerned that he just basically said he will eventually slowly go insane and violent.

Kind of washed over that bit there although I hope eventually you have them deal with it maybe finding out that since he's no longer in his world the curse of the undead isn't there. In fact you could just say the first time he takes a bath and removes his clothing he finds that dark sign gone from his body that would tell him if he's fully cured.

I also like the slow pacing now as you're not rushing into things like a few other Souls crossover stories have done that kind of ruined them for me. I also take it this takes place either before Sunset Shimmer shows up or you won't have those events happen. Well I look forward to more, I only just started with an MLP fic so it's nice to find someone else just starting out.

Now that's something you want to hear from somebody you let into your house.
"I used to be a undead that preyed upon the living and devoured their souls."

It's not great or awesome, but... Well. It's sweet and short! I like it!

5997689 Thanks!

5982025 Thanks! I'm still not exactly sure where I'm going with this story, but I'm glad I have people like you along for the ride!
5984060 Well, thankfully the ponies are a very trusting bunch.

Well there goes another Dark Souls story

6180306 I promise you, this story is not dead, just...well, I kinda rushed into things in excitement without planning, something I do a lot. So as a result, I'm trying to plan out the story. I truly am sorry it takes so long to update stories. I absolutely hate the idea of making my readers wait months on end and only getting mediocre literature as a reward. So for now, I will continue to create stories as the inspiration for them comes, and then proceed to plan them out.

Fourth chapter is almost done, but I have a question for you all. Are you ready for some mystery?

HA! Finally an update! :ajsmug: thank you good sir. I can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

finally after waiting for soo long this is going to be great just cant wait next

Eh no offense but I'm not sure I'm liking it.

6414835 I see...Could you explain what you don't like about it?

6414126 The next chapter will hopefully be out sooner than the last one, but I can't make any promises I'm afraid.

6413543 You are most welcome, though I should be the one thanking you. It's people like you that help me get through my day, after all.

"Thank you, Miss Pinkie." I thanked her, to which she giggled.

Wait what did he do? I didn't quite catch that...


"Twilight, what does that mean?" asked the reptile, finally speaking up.

"I-I'll tell you later, Spike." Princess Twilight answered with a stutter.

Spike is only a couple years younger than Twilight is... five maybe? And he lives in a library... and with the resident bookpony... how the hell doesn't he know what 'genitalia' means?

6415105 In this story I made Spike a bit younger than in the show. About another five years younger. That and I'm fairly certain Twilight would have kept that kind of information away from Spike pretty well.

6415099 I don't see that anywhere in the story, I'm afraid.

Comment posted by GNECproductions deleted Sep 12th, 2015

6417915 Congratulations on guessing correctly, even though it wasn't that hard. However, let's keep this on the down low, eh?

6418053 Whoops hehe. I'm amazing official. I knew it was ynow him because only he has that amazing build.

6418061 Indeed. To be honest, I've gotten invaded by him once. Unsurprisingly, I died almost instantly. Still, it was fun.

6418202 So, could you explain to me what you don't like about the story? Any criticism is appreciated as long as it's constructive.

6418340 It's all to their own I suppose but I don't like that he serves and seems to I dunno LIKE them and be cooperative when he serves a different order. I realize that he can't remember anything but still. However everyone likes or writes hoe they do but if I was in that situation I would NOT accept anything and not allow study of me. Also would not live with them. Do my own thing because I would be a badass knight. But eh continue what your doing. Also I saw what you were doing. Flutter ship roly? Be interesting and be appreciative if he rejects her considering he would technically be cheating on his wife up in that. Additionally. Y U NO HAVE KILLING YET?! IS DARK SOULS CROSSOVER!

Comment posted by Timeless Lord Slayer deleted Jul 5th, 2016

...exams.. That is something that seriously bothers me. She wouldn't do that to her fellow pony so why do people thing she would in this type of situation? Unless you made her crazier that normal. In which most stories that do with miss rapelight do.

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