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As my favorite Entertainment Duelist always says: "The fun....HAS JUST BEGUN!!"

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Favorite Ponies: Rarity, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, Luna and Aria Blaze (Yes I know she's not a pony).

Living: Delaware, USA.

Music: Classical, Rock, Some Pop, J-Rock, Jazz, and a little Dubstep.

Personality: I like to make everyone around me smile, I'm like Pinkie Pie just not as hyper...ok I'm a little bit hyper sometimes.


WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!!!!! · 2:15am November 9th

SALUTATIONS BRONYS AND PEGASISTERS, I HAVE RETURNED FROM ADULTING!!!! Yes I'm back and I have Updates for everyone! One Starting now, Every month I will Updated Two Stories 1-2 chapters each. Twilight's Realm and Blazing Passion will be Updated in December. I know everyone has been waiting for the next chapters for those and I'm tired of keeping you all waiting. January will be Rarity's Fairy Tail and Bakugan: Equestria Girls, those two have collected dust for too long and need to resume.

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are you gonna continue with Advanced Generation?

Been a while since we've heard from ya

What's your status? anything happening?

any updates?

Just keep us posted when you can

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