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As my favorite Entertainment Duelist always says: "The fun....HAS JUST BEGUN!!"

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Favorite Ponies: Rarity, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, Luna and Aria Blaze (Yes I know she's not a pony).

Living: Delaware, USA.

Music: Classical, Rock, Some Pop, J-Rock, Jazz, and a little Dubstep.

Personality: I like to make everyone around me smile, I'm like Pinkie Pie just not as hyper...ok I'm a little bit hyper sometimes.


Just a small Sneak Peek! · 8:15pm January 15th

“What is that, it looks like a pony!?” She asked laying eyes on a pony-like pokemon with a flaming mane and tail. She quickly pulled out her Pokedex and held it up.

Ponyta, the Fire Horse Pokémon

Its legs grow strong while it chases after its parent. It runs in fields and mountains all day.

“She looks so beautiful!” Twilight gushed. She then laid her eyes on a small black and yellow pokemon with ears that looked like a plug.

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Happy new year and I wish you best in 2019

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and l wish you best of luck in your future

Any more updates pal?

How are ya doin? Any updates?

2653554 I'll let you know in the next blog it will be up Sunday.

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