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As my favorite Entertainment Duelist always says: "The fun....HAS JUST BEGUN!!"


The Rainbooms and the Dazzlings, once enemies, now teammates and along with the PomE gang, they face a new evil the like of which they have never faced before. Join our heroes and their partner bakugan as they fight to keep not just the human world, Also Equestria and the Bakugan home world New Vestroia from falling into evil hands.

I don't own Bakuagn or MLP (Obviously) both belong to their respective companies.

Special thanks to SolarEclipse912 for helping me write and edit this

I would also like to thank the PomE Gang for allowing me to use their OC's

Alright enough of the description let's get started BAKUGAN BRAWL!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 360 )

This seems great, I'll be tracking the story.

I wnat to read this but thr romance tag makes me hesitate.

6945296 Thank Skelton, I'm glad you liked it.
6945574 I promise you the romance is minor.

6945577 KO awesome start of the story with Equestria Girls. Hope to see awesome battle and some of the girls get their partners. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

6945733 Thanks Saiyan I'm glad you liked it.

You know, I never watched Bakugan, I always thought it was a rip off of Beyblade. Perhaps I'll reconsider after this.

6945766 I thought the exact same thing, but the show actually turned out really good.

6945741 KO your welcome and hope you check out two of my stories on my page when you get the chance please. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Alright, if I get the chance I'll check it out.

This is good i look forward to the next chapter.

I never really watched the show, but I'll still read this when I can.

6945815 Thanks Shadow.:twilightsmile:

6946020 Thank you I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Really. This long and NOBODY has put theme in yet?

Now this has some nistogla Looking forward to how you write this Great job so far.

Like Grann and BRyeMC I haven't watched the serie very much but I can follow this story and maybe later add it to my favorites. :raritywink:


6946530 is it possible for you to add my OC Umbra Grim Shade later on into your story?


6946937 ok, I will tell you what he looks like and what his personality is like later on

I've also started watching Kill La Kill, IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I think that Zero will use Pyrus or Darkus?

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party but, IT'S FINALLY UP!!!!

Holy SHIT, the nostalgia surge. I'm gonna read into this just for the sake of good ol' memories.

ooohh.... can't wait for the next chapter nice one alchemist.

KO awesome brawling chapter, can't wait to see what the gang will do next and what evil will challenge them. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

6948978 Double that for me. I still watch the series on Youtube.

Oh sweet. Leonidas. I played that game an loved it.


Oooh boy, and now, the villain... this is getting better.

6950699 Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:
6950740 Don't kill me please.:fluttercry:

Now Alchemist, why would I be that nice? Death is the final release of all pain, at least on the mortal plane of existence. No I wan't you to suffer, I mean this is after all the second time you've done something that warrants this reaction, and in case you don't remember I'm referring to your Halloween special. But I'm sure that Warhawk and his partner Sabator will have plenty of badass moments together 'cause if they don't you'll be wishing were frozen in the 9th circle of hell, Yessss.

Warhawk:.............. and I thought Muffin was scary.

6950788 y..y..Yes sir it won't happen again I promise.

Oh good I thought we were going to have a problem, have fun with you're writing.:yay:

6950512 KO so will the others get their own bakugan partner soon. :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

I forgot what my partner was. I know its pyrus, but thats about it

Great chapter! Loved the battle with Zero and Spatterix VS Warhawk and Sabator. So Crystal Prep is gonna join the tournament too? Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2: Curious who this Lilac person is. :rainbowhuh:

6950551 So do I you're not alone.

6950857 Yes they will.

6950888 thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it.

6950836 Nope there is no problem, Also what do you think of your partner?

Awesome chapter, Zero and Spatterix really know how to shine bright with all that fighting spirit! Can't wait to see what happens next with the team. :rainbowdetermined2: :pinkiehappy:

6950740 Oh yeah?!


Minotaurs are not something I would normally associate myself with, but considering how acted in your story and the fact that he screams power, I think it's a great chice.


Get some.

And so Zero's losing streak comes to an end. Well done, my friend.
I wonder how we would do in a Bakugan battle.
I suppose we'll find out soon enough.


You've already lost, next time remeber your place like the rest of them, and wait for Goku

Are you two really starting a fight right now and Grann I see what you did there.

6951263 Alright, clever comeback. I know when to sheath my sword. Good game.

6951294 Nah, this is just for fun.


Pretty much sums up my feelings buddy.


If we really were fighting we would be flinging shit at each other like a bunch of monkeys

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