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As my favorite Entertainment Duelist always says: "The fun....HAS JUST BEGUN!!"


They say that opposites attract, well let's test out that theory. Artemis Arrow(Likes to be called Arrow) and his Family have moved to Canterlot city from Manehatten and he's about to start a Canterlot High. But, before he even starts he has an unexpected encounter with a somewhat broken Siren.

I know not that good of a description I'll work on it.

I'd like to Thank Snow Bullet for the Awesome New Cover Art.

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Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 42 )

Ay I've been waiting and I want to read more cant wait for the next chapter!

Much better beginning, I particularly like the dove and raven bit.

I like the other one better

Glad you enjoyed it and more is on the way. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I'll make you like this one better and that's a promise!:twilightsmile:


This new version sounds promising, considering their encounter seemed more, how do I put this, uh...........Aria acted exactly how she would be expected to, considering she was stripped of her powers and humiliated.

Awesome as i expected. cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:

Might want to fix a few spelling errors that I noticed early on. Otherwise, Pretty good reboot from last time.

I hope I can get my story caught up again to the post "Battle of the Bands" area like my old one so it could fit in with some of the other stories.

Like what you did with Warhawk.


Aw shit. This is going to get bloody. Somebody get Artemis a tranquilizer gun!!

“Believe me she’d not as sweet as she lets on.” Artemis said but getting smacked in the head by his sister.

Why does that seem very familiar? :rainbowlaugh: Great chapter bro, cant wait for more.


And Artemis has summoned the Aria beast.

Great job!

Ah sweet! Kingdom Hearts references! Loved it! And Aria seems to like the games too. Will Aria kick some ass? We'll see in the next one. :eeyup:

I still like the old version better think you could just make it to a different story

Wait im confused are these stories im seeing about all these oc characters hooking up all connected or is it just coincidence because if all of its together im waaaaay behind:derpyderp2:

Yes they are connected..well some of them are anyway.


At this rate, I expect "Don't Think Twice" to be played once they get together, it'd be perfect!

I love this chapter and the darker tone to Aria. She's definitely going to have great character development this time around. Not saying that she didn't before, it's just.... I think you understand what I mean, lol

Comment posted by mlp brony fifer deleted Mar 19th, 2018

Since I’m a Greek Roman religion I would be shaking my religion for not noticing it! Love your story!

First off, hi Zero long time and second, I can see it.

Used to be into this game, But the games I do want to get into are Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K.

Now THIS is an epic duel, I hate that cliffhanger, though. Can't wait to see who wins.

My money's on Sunset, though. Unless Arrow can pull a deus ex machina card, he doesn't have a chance. If only he had a Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, then he could just steal half of that things attack points and wreck it.

Welp, Arrow's dead. Nice chapter.

Does Artemis Arrow sound like the main character from Arrow?

Showing her wounds to prove she was attacked? Smart thinking.

That's why Aria and Warhawk get along so well, we have similar mindsets.

Dammit, now I wanna add my own deck into the mix, though I don't know how well it'd work..

I do too, but I don't think Arrow would want my Invoked Element sabers to be out in the race


Very interesting.

Well that's fine, Warhawk and Sonata didn't want to go to Vegas anyway!

"Those who fear music, are dangerous."

Why do I feel like I know where that saying is from?

Oh Ok, i was thinking of something completely different.

ahh I remember this before we all did the remake of out stories lol, its been a while

nice to see artemis connecting with aria, great chapter

Ahh so it's rebooted I was kinda confused after returning to this. Well I loved the old one do I have some real high expectations for this but so far so good, I still love it. Keep up the good work!

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