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Hey there, everypony! I'm a big time video gaming nerd and love to write stories and make art. Hope that you all like my stories and become good friends!



Soul Writer moves to a new town with his mom while his dad is still in service in the old town they were in and becomes part of the Canterlot High family. He'll be able to make new friends and have the fondest of memories. But right now he faces his biggest challenge: Does he have a crush on Sunset?
Yes, yes he does.

Follow Soul and Sunset as they begin to have feelings for one another while they face life together.

Inspired by three wonderful authors and their stories.

The Pie of my Eye by Azure_Shadow

Amor Fati by BRyeMC

And Come Out of Your Shell by CogWing

Their OC characters are part of the story and they respectively belong to their individual creators.

Cover made by kiriche

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This is great dude! Only thing I feel the need to comment on is to enlarge the title of the fic on your cover if possible, I can barley read it.:twilightsheepish:

5545345 Thank you and I've just enlarged the title:raritywink:

So far so good! I can't wait to read how this is going to turn out, I'll like and fav. Keep up your good work sir~

5545555 Thank you very much:twilightsmile:

5545506 Then you shall have MOAR!!!.....When the next chapter is up:twilightblush:

I think I love this story! Keep going! :twilightsmile:

5547848 Thank you and will do:pinkiehappy:

Good beginning! I liked your little references to the other guys' characters.

5548001 Thanks and the other guys' characters will be making more than a reference in the next chapter:raritywink:

Pretty good start (Soul, you lucky bastard), though I don't think it would be called Ponyville in the human world. I personally believe it would be called Canterlot since the school is Canterlot High. :twilightsmile:

5551449 Thanks:pinkiehappy: Though while I do see your point, there are high schools that have other names besides the name of the town.

5552464 Well you can't call it Ponyville if the inhabitants aren't ponies. And Humanville sounds even stupider. :rainbowlaugh:

5552546 Or even Tall-hairless-monkey-because-we're-not-allowed-to-say-the-word-"humans"-in-these-movies-for-some-reason-ville. :rainbowlaugh:

Chemistry is cool. 30 ml of copper sulfate solution should do away with those Sunset x Soul haters in 22 minutes.

This is moving rather quick, but I still love it.


my favorite OC's crossover with this story THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME :rainbowkiss:
I still get confused with Soul writer to Soul rider

Phew, thank God Soul's an understanding guy who doesn't jump to conclusions. :twilightsmile: And actually has a personality... (glares at Flash)

Can't wait for next chapter :D i love the whole world you, BRyeMC, CogWing and Azure_Shadow made :D with all the oc's in one big world :3

Like, fav and follow from here :3

Ah, dodgeball. The memories. Painful, PAINFUL memories... :twilightsmile:

I feel with you lad/lass. Be glad they didn't use basketballs instead of regular dodge ball balls, we had one accident when a guy broke his arm when he was hit by one. Ahh, good times, good time.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Man, Clyde and Rarity are just 2cute4me.

...although I'm biased. :raritywink:

Great chapter, Keep em coming :pinkiehappy:

Twenty five laps?! For gym class?! :pinkiegasp:

Yeah, that's criminal! And impossible. That's 6.25 miles in one class period. Not even cross country meets are that long.

Yeah, it always uncomfortable watching a sex scene on the big screen with your girlfriend beside you.

Poor Fluttershy. All alone watching that movie. :fluttercry:

Surrounded by her friends with their boyfriend/not-so-secret crushes. And she's there. In the middle. All alone.

If only there was someone out there for her who could help shield her eyes while he holds her hand.

If only...

“Well duh, I’m going to hook you up with Sunset, silly,” Pinkie replied
“.....Wait, What?”

Hahaha!!!!! PLOT TWIST PEOPLE!!!! PLOT TWIST!!!! I am having so much fun with this story.... This is gonna be sweet...

Next chapter: Romantic Soul and Sunset in a date Then about to kiss when BOOM.... It's all ruined because mane 6 were spying on themm..

They aren't actual spoilers... but mesh... :pinkiehappy:

5628127 Thanks and I will:pinkiehappy:

5631799 Thanks and I'm glad you're enjoying it:pinkie happy:

5631572 Yeah, if only...

awesome and the part with his mom priceless


5655727 Thanks and you'll be seeing more of her:raritywink:

Aw... don't give up on sports just yet! The cross country team's pretty small this year, we could always use some new runners. We'll even start out easy on you, okay? We'll just run a mile to the stretching point, then have a nice, easy four-mile run to finish the day off.

So! Wanna join? :pinkiehappy:


"Hmm, that doesn't sound so bad. Alright, I'll do it!"

-One horribly wrong accident later-
Soul laid on the bed with both of his legs cast up. He glared over to Night who had a sheepish smile on him. Soul then let out a sigh.

"It's offical, I hate sports of all kinds."

:O sooooooo good writen can't stop laughing over Soul's mom coming in xD

And the award for biggest cock block of the year goes too.... DAWN!

Swift and Soul, you two lucky bastards.

I read "I'm gonna hook up with you" O.O

Ooh-Ooh- OOH!!!!

hehe... Dating time bros.. :moustache:

Hmm, pretty mature end of the chapter. Having Sunset not wanting to rush into a relationship just yet. Nice move. :pinkiesmile:

“You can say it was fate that brought us together,” Clyde replied.

I guess you can also say, Clyde really... loves his fate. :raritywink:

Great chapter and I have to ask you Bluesun did you get that escalator scene from another story? I'm just wondering.

5682596 Yeah, I kinda did. It was from another story called Code Blue.

5682623 lol I knew it. That was a nice touch great job can't wait for the next chapter

Soul started to mumble in his sleep. “Oh Sunset, if you wanted to use your tongue so much, all you had to do was-” His eyes opened and he had a disgusted look on him. “BLECK!”

Soul got up and started spitting out the spit from his dog’s tongue.

Oh god, that's disgusting. I almost puked.

Also, kissing his dog in his sleep was pretty gross too.



“That sounds like a good idea, I’m starving,” Swift said. “We should go and get some chicken. I hardly get any chicken when my sister is around.”
“I don’t know why, but Scootaloo always said that she gets some kind of bad vibe from them and doesn't want to eat them,” Swift explained.

:scootangel: The holy chicken goddess shall rule us all.

It's weird how Soul writer looks like an older version of Soul from the anime; Soul Eater and instead of having the same last name.. it rhymes.. Was that on purpose?

Was Soul writer meant to be like the anime character??

5702888 Actually, no I did not have that in mind. But man, that is such a big coincidence now that you pointed that out.:twilightoops:

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