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Sunset Shimmer's friends meant the world to her. After having recently defeated the Dazzlings with the power of friendship she felt like her friendships with those five girls would last forever. Unfortunately, those friendships are gone now. After being successfully framed as the cyberbully Anon-a-miss, Sunset loses her friends and her purpose. To make matters worse Sunset knew who Anon-a-miss was, but nobody believed her. Can she still clear her name? Does it even matter anymore?

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Flash Sentry is best Sentry.

Canterlot High is a less realistic world than Equestria in some ways; an eternal high school without past or future. But when things go wrong, it becomes much more real and grim than a fantasy world of ponies. This is convincingly painful, believable and ominous, well done so far.

So is she going to transfer to Crystal Prep? If so then I would like to see that happen. :pinkiehappy:

Wow! Flash really let Gilda Have ti but she was asking for it, and the CMC are really asking for it as well, ther eno way they won't be expeled, it not for thier own safety.
But this is it, if things continue, it be the end of Sunset bonds with the Rainbooms, and she will never want to see them again.

Some polishing would help here and there, but I'm keeping an eye on this story :twilightsmile:

How is the CMC gettinga way with this?! Are they usinga different phone, is it them...

7468896 I don't know, but I sincerely hope that their stupidity comes back to bite them in their collective butts!

Like some say the truth hurts and when they learn the truth it's will really hurt them.

7468993 Yup, on BOTH counts.

And here's a thought: I wonder what will happen when she tells Twilight (though their journals, of course) what happened?

I don't much think that I'd want to be in three little girls' shoes when that happens.

Which is NOT to say that, IF she DOES come over from Equestria, I hope she DOESN'T rip them all a new breathing hole!

Very clever...

Wonder how Sunset will handle Crystal Prep? And will she befriend human Twilight right away or will it take time?

Why Sunset's grades wouldn't be adimitted at CPA? Isn't she almost smart as Twilight/Sci-Twi? Well, she does use logic more often the both Twilys...

Anyways, I hope those three CMC brats are happy. Sunset is gone and they've won. Now they can spend ervery freaking moment with their so precious sisters.

I was right she was going to be transferred and I hope she stays at crystal prep because honestly even if the Anon-A-Miss is solved the pain can never be forgotten. I hope the Crusaders pay for what they did also like to see the Main 5 try to ask forgiveness from Sunset and she just leaves them like how they left her. Great chapter mate keep it up.

I figured Sunset would transfer to Crystal Prep considering the cover art. I'm actually more curious about what is going to happen at Canterlot High now. Will Anon-a-Miss continue her reign of terror or will the CMC stop now that they got what they wanted? How will Princess Twilight react to this? Will she try to investigate Anon-a-Miss on her own? I'm looking forward to what happens.

"Um yeah, about that. In the forty minutes since I punched out Gilda word got around on social media that I was helping you and well... I kinda don't have friends anymore either... Yep." Flash held up his phone showing a deluge of abusive messages in his notifications.

I LOL'd for some reason.

I hope they beg forgivness before this story is over

Eeeh, Luna seemed a bit our of character here ( of the two sisters she always was the most stoic one) and I'm not sure I'm really on board with the Sunflash direction this is taking but other than that it's a really solid chapter

7471661 Even if they ask for it the damage is too far done for forgiveness. They had a choice, they had time to consider to possiblities of how and why it happened, but did they do anything to correct it? No, they choose to make a final decision without looking over all the facts nor ask why 'she' has done it and just wall-up in their own misery. This is just like in Bitter Tears it all comes down to after the real AaM comes forth to tells the truth and the time with Sunset broke them up over a fight over their cell phone messages, they didn't try to fix things until someone had to literitly point it out. and Im done with my rant so good day to you sir/ma'am and screw you Humane 5 and human CMC.

7472218 I kinda like that flash is the only one who believes her and stands up to her

7472443 sad thing is this is probably the only time Flash actually has a personality. this one is actually like-able with redeaming qualities.

7472544 Heck yeah, mission accomplished.

7472196 It's my headcanon that there are going to be some differences in personality between a middle aged woman and an ancient deity who was trapped on the moon for a thousand years. Glad you're liking the story though.

Gotta love how the people are saying the CMC won. Cause they are basically correct on that: Even if they get caught now, Sunset is no longer apart of Canterlot, and apart of Applejack's, Rarity's and Rainbow Dash's lives. Just like they wanted.

I certainly hope that their victory ends up hollow, once the truth comes out. They really have no right to be karma houndinis for all the pain they caused.

Considering how they only did it because they wanted their sisters attention, I can't help but wonder: Are they gonna frame Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie next? They had three whole years to their sisters, and then the gang is reunited (Thanks, Bitter Truths, for giving us the time). Are they happy? Bitter?

As for Crystal Prep...I actually kinda hope Sci-Twi learns just how much of scum bags the Mane 5 and the CMC are.

Don't eat rocks.

Oh shit! Alright, bro. I'll try not to...

Is this a flash/Susnet story?

Well there is a romance tag.

Was the rock in the bag Maud being Maud or Maud avenging Pinkie for Anon-A-Miss? Will we be looking at CHS after they transfer?

7475505 If Maud was trying to avenge anyone, you'd know.

Is Sunset going to contact Twilight at some point and fill her in on everything that's happened?

7475476 Thank you, thank you very much:pinkiehappy:

Don't eat rocks.

But what if you're a Rockbiter? :rainbowhuh:


I'm super picky about Sunset ships. No, really, I am. But this I absolutely approve of :pinkiehappy:

Really nice Sunset/Flash interaction, sweet and peaceful.

Okay I'm in it. :pinkiesmile: Also he shouldn't feel bad, it's not a problem hitting a girl if SHE'S the one attacking you just like if it was a guy attacking a guy.

Helps him that she was just a thug as well.

How Sunset dealt with the Mane 5 was epic: They tried to make her miserable (as they came to her), she told them off on how stupid and short sighted they were (or is there a better word for that), said she wasn't going to put up with it and left.

That's good. They could had just ignored her but no, they didn't. What were they gonna do, kick her out of a public place she was allowed to be in just so they won't have to look at her? Sorry, but that's not protecting themselves: That's plain bullying.

And good thing to see that the 'perfect little angels that Sunset tried to blame' are squirming.

And...Sunset's speech kinda reminded me of this

Those girls can stay in their coffin, and continue to play family.

Whelp................They dun' goofed. :applejackunsure:

Sunset best pon ... human ? either way great story , and i have to say , i like your Flash . I always thought that Flash has potential .
Can wait to see more .
Good day .

Flash has always had potential as a character. Shame he's mishandled by the writing staff in canon. Good job!

7484786 Thanks, I've actually been intentionally holding off on reading yours so I don't cryptomnesically plagiarize from you. Kinda weird though that there haven't been many Anon-a-miss fics with transferring schools, it's a common real world solution to bullying.

"Dear Princess Twilight, it's been several weeks that the storm blocked us inside and that my heater died. Yesterday, I ate the last remaining part of Fluttershy and I'm having some difficulty to breathe. It's very cold and I think I can hear bells in the distance. xoxo Sunset"

Does this go to the Friendship Games?


Dear Princess Twilight, it's been several days since the blizzard trapped us in my apartment, thankfully the secret stash of extra food has held out, and me and Fluttershy have kept warm by having mindless passionte sex nonstop, screaming each other names as our sweaty bodies crush and grind together and and...Sorry got to cut it short Fluttershy looking at with with those eyes...till then.

With Love you're student Sunset.

P.S. When you visit again me and Fluttershy have a few lessons we want to share with you.

(Dang it Thexat Now look what you got me doing. :rainbowlaugh: )

Ok for real this time this was a wodnerful chapter, I'm glad Fluttershy managed to see the truth, and I hope Twilight can make it inthe end to figure out the truth.
Even if Sunset does leave at least she made peace with one of the girls...She could transfer to Crystal prep as well, the school can use more kindness.

This is my favorite chapter so far.:pinkiehappy: Mostly because at least one of the HuMANE 6 has come to their senses.

What an unexpected but completely logical turn of events.
"Fluttershy is a better person than you." Words have never rung truer.

Ah, glad to see one of the HuMane 5 has a lick of sense. It makes sense that it would be Fluttershy.

["]That was very out of character for me. I'm so so sorry."

I see what you did there :rainbowwild:

If any of the Humane 5 still give Sunset shit for going to Crystal Prep: I hope something like this happens.

"You're ON THEIR side?!"

" I didn't know any of you were on my side."

Who knows, perhaps they can run into Human Twilight earlier and derail the Friendship Games?

Applejack, you're an an idiot. :ajbemused: If they're willing to do this why would they confess when they have already won.

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