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This group is dedicated to the baker stallion, Donut Joe (or Pony Joe)! 3 Reasons to love Donut Joe

1) He is a sweet baker who makes donuts and coco with marshmallows!

2) He also could be secretly a spy, notoriously known as Con Mane!

3) Not to mention the people he has met on the job! O the stories he could tell and straight from the pony's mouth!

Share all of his stories here as long as it has Donut Joe or Con Mane as a main character or play a major role.

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301732 well happy early birthday! :pinkiehappy:

301681 oh well mine is in March

301678 XD very early, mine is in June :derpytongue2:

301674 Cool thanks for the intro and happy early birthday

301669 O and Welcome to Donut Joe! :twilightsmile:

301669 yeah he had a little too many donuts that day (o btw I can't wait till next year bc my birthday will be on National Donut Day I am going to have a donut themed birthday that day if it is the last thing i do!!)

Spike: Give me another donut.
Donut Joe: Don't you think you've had enough?
Spike: Another Donut, Extra Sprinkles!!!

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