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Sunset Past the Horizon - Ponealone

Things happen when Anon-a-miss doesn't fess up. Good things and bad things, but mostly bad things.

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Chapter 7: Beginnings

Dark clouds blanketed the sky, Fluttershy wouldn't have known if it was daylight if the time on her phone didn't say so. The halls of Canterlot High were empty. Initially, Fluttershy reacted with shock. Perhaps break wasn't over yet and she came to school a week too early, but the occasional other student passing through the front door was enough to ease her mind. To pass the time she stood by her locker and checked her phone. She saw that Sunset had sent her a message earlier this morning.

Hey Shy, just wanted to wish you a good first day of the new semester, and thanks for staying with me for the holidays it was lots of fun. I'm just kinda bummed that you still haven't heard anything from the girls yet. How long are they going to keep up the silent treatment? Anyways, love ya and hope we can hang soon.

Fluttershy smiled and started typing a reply.

I hope you also have a good first day at your new school, and don't worry I'll get them to talk eventually. Oh and break was definitely lots of fun. We should really do that again sometime. Love you too Sunset.


“Hey… Fluttershy…” an uncharacteristically sad voice called out.

Fluttershy looked up from her phone and saw a slouching girl with straight pink hair. “Pinkie? What happened to you?”

“Nothin' much, just y'know.” She hid behind her straight bangs.

“Well, um how was break? Did you sleep over at Sweet Apple Acres?” Fluttershy asked.

“Nah, we canceled that and everyone stayed home instead. Break was… okay… I guess.” Pinkie stared at the floor.

“Oh, and um. How is everyone else doing?”

“They're… fin—” A yelling voice interrupted from around the corner of the hall.

“And ah said it was all because of Sunset!”

“Don't you raise your voice at me you ruffian!”

“Ruffian!? Looky 'ere missy, I'm just tryin' to explain why it was canceled!”

“I thought you said you canceled it because it wouldn't feel right celebrating without Fluttershy,” a third voice chimed in.

“Yup, AND Fluttershy wouldn't be going BECAUSE of Sunset. Y'all get it now?!”

“I don't know darling, it still sounds like you're blaming poor Fluttershy for it.”

“Will y'all just shut up about it?!”

“Heck no, I was super pumped for that party. I'm still pissed you canceled it. We totally could have done it without Fluttershy!”

“Why can't you keep your mouth shut for once Dash! We absolutely could not have any party without dear Fluttershy.”

“Of course we could! She doesn't even like parties! Besiiides she's got Anon-a-miss to chill with.”

“Say, speaking of parties, any of you girls notice Pinkie actin' strange?”

“Pinkie's always strange Applejack.”

“No, that's not it, I mean she changed her hair and she seems… depressed?”

“Nah, you're just imagining it. She's totally fine.”

“I don't know Rainbow, I for one am also concerned about dear Pinkie Pie. She didn't even react when she found out the party was canceled.”

“You guys are over thinking it. It's Pinkie we're talking about here, since when does she ever get sad?”

“Ah swear Dash if you keep flappin' yer gums like that I'm gonna…”

“Do it Applejack! Do it!”

“Don't you tell me what ta do!”

Pinkie ran around the corner. “Girls! Stop fighting!” Pinkie said with tears in her eyes.

“Pinkie? Er, uh… you didn't hear any of that did yuh?”

“I heard all of it.” Pinkie was visibly upset.

“Oh, fiddlesticks.”

“This isn't like you guys. You've all been at each other's throats all break. I hate it,” her voice squeaked, “I hate it so muc—” She fell to her knees and began sobbing.

Fluttershy stepped out from around the corner and comfortingly wrapped her arms around Pinkie's shoulders. Fluttershy glared daggers and shook her head disapprovingly at the other three, especially Rainbow Dash.

* * *

A plain black umbrella folded closed revealing a red and gold haired girl donning a burgundy blazer and matching tartan skirt. She adjusted her navy blue ribbon bow around her collar and tugged her slightly-too-short skirt down to almost cover the tops of her wooly navy blue thigh highs.

Sunset shivered in the cold. “How come the girl's uniform can't have pants? This is garbage weather for skirts, my thighs are freezing. I'd kill a man for a pair of jeans right now.”

“Good thing we're at the front door already,” Flash said, noting Sunset's murderous envy.

“Thanks for letting me borrow your umbrella.”

“No problem,” he replied, shaking pea sized hailstones out of his hair.

She handed Flash his umbrella back, but he refused it. “Nuh uh, that thing is your responsibility now. Consider that the cost of borrowing it.” Flash grinned impishly.

“Hah, fair enough. But seriously though, what is with this weather? It was just a little cloudy when we left, then thunder and hail just started coming down outta nowhere, and on the first day of school?” Sunset pushed open the front door, walked inside, and held it open for Flash.

“Uh, thanks.” Flash looked disappointed.

“Hey, you think your car is okay? That tree we parked under isn't gonna hold off all the ice,” Sunset asked, shivering a bit.

“I mean, the hail didn't put any dents in my head and my car's tougher than my head so I think it should be okay, but my insurance doesn't cover weather damage so I'm luckin' out if it looks like a golf ball when we get back.” He sighed.

Sunset pranced around to his front and looked him in the eye. “Hey, cheer up. Worst case scenario, I fix the portal to Equestria, we drive it through, and I cast a dent fixing spell on it. Anyways, thanks for giving me a ride. I'd still be walking in that storm if you didn't offer to drive me today.” Sunset leaned her umbrella against a wall and gave Flash a hug. “Gah! You're so warm.” She slid her numb hands inside his jacket and around his back.

“Augh! Cold! Cold!” He exclaimed, feeling the icy sear of Sunset's frozen hands against his thin dress shirt.

“Shh, you're my furnace now,” Sunset whispered.

“Two can play at that game!” He reached his also somewhat cold hands towards Sunset's exposed skin above her tall socks.

“Ahn!” she moaned. “I'd slap you for that if your hands weren't so warm.”

Flash pulled his hands away. “Ow! Your stupid thighs gave me freezer burn,” he said, rubbing his hands together.

“Ahem.” A woman with a clipboard was eyeing them with a bemused grin. Sunset quickly pulled back with a sheepish smile and collected her umbrella.

“You two must be the transfer students, um—” she flipped through her clipboard, “—Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer. Correct?”

“Y-yeah that's us.” Flash said.

“Great. I'm Dean Cadence. Principal Cinch asked me to give you two a tour of our campus, but you're late and class is about to begin in fifteen minutes,” she said in a less than pleased manner.

“Ah man, sorry about that. Crazy traffic.” Flash rubbed the back of his head as Sunset made embarrassed faces and shifted her weight nervously.

“Well, I'll at least show you where your first class is. You have your schedules?”

“Um yeah,” Sunset said. They each pulled out a piece of paper and showed them to the dean.

“Oh, you're both in the same English class, follow me.” Flash and Sunset looked at each other and smiled.

They followed Dean Cadence to their classroom. As they passed through the halls of the school, they marveled at the crystal columns and ornamental gemstones embedded in the walls.

“This place sure looks expensive.” Sunset eyed the mirror finish on the glossy marble floor.

“Yeah, um, how much is tuition again?” Flash asked.

“Ha ha, don't worry Flash, you're covered. I processed your application myself. It's great that you could attend Crystal Prep Academy on that disadvantaged student scholarship. This school needs more socioeconomic diversity,” Dean Cadence said.

“Hey! I'm not that poor…” He sulked. “Uh, hey Sunset how did you pay?”

“In gold. Remember?”

“Oh right.”

“Okay here's your classroom.” Dean Cadence gestured towards a cobalt colored door with an immaculate mirror-like window filling the upper half.

“Thanks, this place is huge. I'm not sure if we would have found it ourselves.” Sunset said.

“Well, here's a couple of maps for you. I hope you can find the rest of your classes fine. I hope you enjoy your time here at Crystal Prep, class is about to start, time to get going!”

“Thank you Dean Cadence.” Flash and Sunset said in unison as they accepted the maps and entered the classroom.

* * *

The bell sounded which signaled the temporary end to the boring lectures and tedious coursework inflicted upon the student body. The blue doors in the halls pulled open and streams of relieved students filed out into the corridor. Flash and Sunset stepped out into the hall.

“This is going to be a boring semester.” Sunset sighed.

“It's not that bad,” Flash said.

“Not that bad? It's the first day back from winter break and I already got a ton of homework and three quizzes on Wednesday.”

“Yeah… who am I kidding, this sucks.” He paused and let out a sigh. “Well, I Hope the food is alright. Lets get lunch.”

They made their way to the cafeteria by following the flow of the crowd. Upon entering the lunchroom Sunset scanned the tables looking for a place to sit.

Sunset began walking towards an empty bench. “I'll get us a table,” she told Flash.

“You're not getting lunch?” He asked.

“I brought bag lunch,” she replied, holding up a brown bag.

“Oh, smart. I'm not liking the looks of what these kids are eating.” He sighed and walked away to the lunch line.

Sunset sat down on the aluminum bench and put her lunch on the table. Today she packed the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a banana, and a bottle of water. She took a drink of water.

“Hey! What are YOU doing here!” A shrill voice remarked.

Sunset turned her head towards the voice. In astonishment she sported water all over some poor girl, just barely missing her two friends standing behind her. “The Dazzlings!? Oh whoops sorry.” Sunset spouted.

“Gah! What the hell? It isn't enough for you to take away our powers you gotta track us down and spit at us too?” Aria began swearing profusely as the other two physically restrained her.

“Seriously, sorry about that you just surprised me, and I wasn't trying to find you. I didn't even know that you were here.”

Aria calmed down and sulked at the next table over with Sonata enthusiastically drying her off with some napkins.

“So… Sunset Shimmer was it?” Adagio asked.


“If you're not looking for us then why are you here?” Adagio questioned.

Against her better judgment Sunset decided not to dodge the question. “So basically, I got kicked out of CHS over a misunderstanding, and…” She paused and looked away. “They're not my friends anymore. Well, most of them.”

“Kicked out? Not your friends? That's amazing! Ha ha ha!” She cackled.

“No Dagi! Look at her face! She's sad! She looks like she needs hugs right now. Just like that one time when we lost that music competi—”

“Alright, alright. No need to bring that up now,” Adagio said.

Sonata came from behind and grabbed hold of Sunset against her will, the impact knocked Sunset's hair over her face. “There there it's okay, your old friends were meanies anyways.”

Sonata tightened her grip around Sunsets waist and whispered more comforting words in her ear. Taken aback by the gesture, Sunset's eyes grew misty hidden behind her disheveled veil of red and gold. She surprised herself with her reaction. With a whole two weeks to grieve over her losses she thought it was a done deal, but it seems like it wasn't enough. Regardless, crying on the first day of school isn't something Sunset wanted to do so she rubbed her eyes and pulled away from the comforting girl.

“Um, thanks.”

“Don't worry Sunny w—”

“No. Not Sunny.”

“Don't worry Shimmy! We're ALL friends now! Yay!” The energetic girl threw her hands in the air. Sunset swore she saw rainbows in her eyes.

“Damn it Sonata, I am NOT EVER going to be friends with HER!” The damp one shouted and pointed.

“Yes, I think I threw up in my mouth a little watching that pitiful display. Don't forget who it was that blasted us with magic and stripped us of our power. There must be something wrong with your tiny walnut brain if you think we're going to be her friend.” The orange one said.

“Aw come on guys, it'll be fun and we totes had that rainbow blast coming. We tried to mind control everybody and take over the world. I mean duh of course someone's gonna stop us. Don't you guys watch movies? Oh which reminds me.” Sonata stiffly stood straight up.

“Sunset!” She saluted.

“Me, Adagio, and Aria are all sorry for trying to take over the world. It was very bad and we'll never do it again.” She bowed in apology in an exaggerated manner.

“Uh, apology accepted?” Sunset was unconvinced the other two were sorry.

“I'm not sorry and I'd totally do it again. You're an idiot Sonata,” Aria said.

“Well, in hindsight it wasn't a very good plan. However, am I sorry? I can't say that I am, but at least nobody has to worry about us trying anything new ever again,” Adagio said, with a hand grasping at where her magic amulet once was.

“Eh close enough… Lets eat!” Sonata took a seat on the bench uncomfortably close to Sunset. Adagio sat across from Sonata and put down her lunch tray.

“Aria dear, would you come join us?” Adagio chimed.

“Ugh fine…” Aria reluctantly slinked over and sat next to Adagio.

They ate in relative silence for a few minutes before being interrupted.

“Whoa! Sunset why are you sitting with those girls who tried to take over the world?” Flash stood nearby holding a tray of lunch.

“It's okay they're harmless.”

“But—” Flash was going to ask Sunset another question, but was interrupted.

“Heyy cutie how you doin?~<3 Haven't seen you here before.” A sweetly smiling girl giggled and looked up at Flash standing too close.

“Oh um hi.” Flash took a step back.

“Sooo, what's your name?~<3” She giggled more and took a step forward.

“Hey! We were having a conversation!” Sunset barked at the strange girl.

“Well… SO WAS I!” The girl barked back.

“Just who the hell do you think you are?” Sunset said.

“My name is Sour Sweet!~<3 Pleased to meet you…” She said sarcastically.

“My name is Sonata! I like your hair!” Sonata interrupted.

“And I'm Sunset Shimmer. Now go away!” Sunset yelled. Flash was at a loss as to how he should react to the scene before him so he just stood there dumbfounded and watched.

“Like heck if you think I'm leaving without getting this guy's name and phone number!”

“That's just uh Brad and he's already dating that guy you were hitting on last week. Don't waste your time,” Aria interjected.

“HEY!” Flash and Sunset reacted in unison.

“Brad huh? Damn it! I never hit on the straight ones!” Sour Sweet wandered away cursing under her breath.

“Uh thanks for that. I think.” Brad took a seat next to Sunset.

“It's actually Flash Sentry by the way.”

“Ooh ooh! I'm Sonata, that's Aria, and that's Adagio! Lets all be friends with Brad!” Sunset sat fuming as Sonata peeked around her to wave at Brad.

“So are you Sunset's boyfriend or something? She was foaming at the mouth defending your baloney pony from that psycho bitch.” Aria teased. Adagio descended into a coughing fit to disguise her laughter.

The two responded to Aria's claims simultaneously. “Uh well it's complicated…” Flash stuffed his face with lunch to save himself from elaborating. His eyes lit up as he voiced his approval of the grey slop on his plate.

“I was not foaming at the mouth and he's… kinda my boyfriend? I guess? I mean… it's complicated…” Sunset trailed off.

“Awkwrrrd,” Sonata blurted out through a mouth full of food.

Everyone ate in silence for the rest of lunch. They said their goodbyes and went to class when lunch came to an end. Flash and Sunset waited in the hall among a group of students waiting for the teacher to arrive and open the door.

“Hey, it looks like we're in the same math class too,” Flash said.

“Looks like we only have two out of six classes together.” Sunset said. Sunset glanced down the hall looking to see if the teacher is coming to unlock the door yet when she saw something unexpected. Sunset spotted two girls she didn't recognize harassing somebody. Sunset squinted and made out the terrified face of Twilight Sparkle. One of the girls shoved Twilight causing her to drop her books and the other one kicked Twilight's books away as she tried to collect them. Feeling fire in her veins Sunset stomped her way over. Flash was confused for a moment until he saw what Sunset was headed towards and immediately joined in on the rescue with a scowl on his face.

“Hey! What do you think you're doing?” Sunset stepped between Twilight and the harassers. Flash asked Twilight if she was alright. She nodded meekly as Flash helped gather her books.

“How quaint, you must be the plebs from Canterlot High. We're not doing anything at the moment that would concern rejects such as yourselves. Now run along. Nothing to see here,” the condescending girl demanded.

“It is definitely my concern when my friend Twilight is being attacked by raging psychopaths such as yourselves.” Sunset mocked the girl's mannerisms.

“I don't have to take that from you.”

“Whatcha gonna do about it princess?” Sunset stepped forward with white knuckles around a sturdy black umbrella.

“I-I have better things to do than argue with CHS rejects.” She turned away and walked down the hall as calmly but quickly as she could.

“Sunny Flare! Wait up!” The spiky teal haired girl shouted and ran down the hallway.

Sunset watched smugly as they walked away. “Amateurs.”

Flash Sentry turned to Twilight to ask her what happened. Twilight hid behind her books unresponsive to Flash's questioning. After watching the bullies run away Sunset turned to Twilight.

“So, Twi what was that all about and what are you doing here at Crystal Prep?”

“Um thanks for saving me, but who are you two and why do you know my name?”

“Twilight? It's me Flash Sentry don't you remember?”

Wheels turned in Sunset's head. “Oh, I get it.” Sunset grabbed Flash and pulled him just out of earshot of Twilight.

“I think this is your world's Twilight Sparkle,” she discretely whispered.

“Oh that makes sense. She does seem different, more uh low-key.” They rejoined Twilight.

“My apologies, we thought you were someone else,” Sunset said.

“I still want to know what was going on though,” Flash added.

“W-Well, before break they told me to do their over-the-break homework since I'm so smart. I didn't do it though because I'm busy with my personal research, and I forgot to tell them that I didn't do it until they asked me this morning. They've been bothering me all day since,” Twilight said.

“That's messed up,” Flash said.

“Those bitches!” Sunset clenched her fists and Twilight flinched at her cursing.

“Well you don't have to worry anymore. We have your back.” Flash gave her a smile.

“Um, thank you.” Twilight said. “Oh, you still haven't told me both your names yet.”

“Right, I'm Sunset Shimmer and this is Flash Sentry.” Sunset gestured at Flash.

“Can we get your number so we can stay in touch?” Flash asked.

“Smoooth.” Sunset chided.

“S-sure.” Twilight felt butterflies in her stomach from being asked her number. She clumsily dug her phone out of her backpack and exchanged numbers with her heroes. Twilight marveled at her now substantially longer contact list. Snapping out of her giddy daze, she noticed her classmates filing into their classroom. Twilight excused herself and went to class as did Flash and Sunset. Twilight sat in an open seat by the window. Turning to look through the glass she spotted her reflection starring back with the biggest smile she'd ever seen on it.

Author's Note:

Everyone wants the baloney pony.

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