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I suppose.
But compared to everyone else ... Kidnapping, attempted murder, tresspassing ... she still has a slight chance of getting off easy.
Whether or not she's found guilty could also depend on whether or not Sunset decided to put in a good word for her during the court hearing.
If she said, "I don't believe she actually inteded for things to get this bad," maybe (and that's a big maybe) she'd be found not guilty.
If she said, "I'm fully convinced that the only thing that she didn't intend for was for me to escape in the end," then yeah, game over.

There are all sorts of different factors to take into account. Such as how the judge chooses to pass sentencing in the event of a guilty verdict against Rainbow.
According to a webpage I just found, Conspiracy to Commit in the U.S. is punishable by any number of years or a life sentence depending on what the Judge decides to do. I don't know if that's accurate seeing as I'm not a lawyer, but it sounds believable enough to me.


A scene between Dash and her parents would be heartbreaking.

Rainbow would probably get charged with conspiracy to commit murder regardless of if she didn't actually want Sunset dead or not.
Gilda and would likely get charged with tresspassing, seeing as how the factory wasn't public property, as well as attempted murder.
Dumbbell would have gotten the same charges as Gilda and the others, only he would have possibly gotten 3 counts of attempted murder instead of just 1. He blatantly stated that after Sunset was gone, they were going to start a rumor saying that she ran back to Equestria and I implied that he and Gilda were going to do something to Snips and Snails so that they wouldn't be able to tell anyone about what happened to Sunset.


Almost forgot. Anyone who traveled to the factory with Gilda would probably get kidnapping charges as well.

OK, so what would happen to Dash and the assailants?

Well ...

1. Rarity & AJ
- Any chance of her rebonding with Rarity and AJ would effectively become nonexistent. There have been times where the family members of someone who landed themselves in court continued to defend their loved one to the end despite whatever wrong doings they may have committed. And with how loyal to family AJ seems to be, I could see her holding this against Sunset. I don't actually see Rarity turning hostile, but I don't think she'd be super eager to try and rebuild a connection with Sunset either.

2. Investigations
- Having such a large number of students suddenly getting removed all at once would likely draw unwanted attention to CHS. It's possible that someone from the Board of Education could be sent to investigate what the hecks been happening at CHS lately. This could lead to the reveal of all sorts of things. But focusing on AAM, Celestia would probably get questioned on how she handled the situation, how long it took her to act, and so on and so forth. If it comes out that for the most part she didn't actually do much or take any immediate action when AAM first started going, then that could make her look bad, especially since that same student nearly died in the process. Not saying Celestia would necessarily get fired or demoted, but it would certainly make her look irresponsible.

3. Reputation
- CHS's reputation would obviously take a hit. This could lead to parents transferring their children to other schools at the end of the school year and a general period where enrollment goes down for awhile. CHS could bounce back from this in time, but it would be known that that was the school were things got crazy.

Those are the only big things that I can think of at the moment. Everything else would probably play out the same way. Sunset finishes her final year at CHS with a newfound appreciation for Snips and Snails. From there, she'd either continue to live on Earth or she'd move back to Equestria. If this was a story that I decided to take the time to work on, I'd probably have her stay on Earth due to the fact that Equestrian Magic has a habit of giving the wrong people super powers. Thanks to her former friends being divided, I think Sunset would probably be Earth's best bet for getting things fixed in the event of another magical crisis.

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