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Only if you’re up for the task. There’s one that’s practically on a silver platter. Written and waiting to be published but I wasn’t confident enough to go through with it. One I have a great start on that just needs to have a middle and end slapped onto it. Two long incomplete longer ones that I most likely won’t have the time to finish despite very much wanting to. And two/three that I haven’t even begun writing yet.

But again it all comes down to your decision.

So, you want me to take over some of your stories for you?

I’m in a bit of a bind, but before I say anything else, you should be brought up to speed with what I’m talking about.


I suppose.
But compared to everyone else ... Kidnapping, attempted murder, tresspassing ... she still has a slight chance of getting off easy.
Whether or not she's found guilty could also depend on whether or not Sunset decided to put in a good word for her during the court hearing.
If she said, "I don't believe she actually inteded for things to get this bad," maybe (and that's a big maybe) she'd be found not guilty.
If she said, "I'm fully convinced that the only thing that she didn't intend for was for me to escape in the end," then yeah, game over.

There are all sorts of different factors to take into account. Such as how the judge chooses to pass sentencing in the event of a guilty verdict against Rainbow.
According to a webpage I just found, Conspiracy to Commit in the U.S. is punishable by any number of years or a life sentence depending on what the Judge decides to do. I don't know if that's accurate seeing as I'm not a lawyer, but it sounds believable enough to me.


A scene between Dash and her parents would be heartbreaking.

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