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End of an ordeal · 8:47am Feb 19th, 2015

So.....I don't know if I have any followers left...I'll admit losing followers is probably deserved considering how long this has taken...a few years ago I had a mental breakdown. It was...terrifying to say the least. All my writing, freewrite or otherwise completely stopped. My personal life needed severe attention. Luckily it got it. And now, roughly two years later I'm finally living above depression and anxiety, not within it. I won. Yay! So now I'm trying to get the gears turning again.

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909957 Thank you so much Hawkshadow, seeing this helped me out a lot! Thank you for the support, and it makes feeling better and coming back feel that much sweeter!

I do hope you're still here... unresponsive maybe... but still here. Anyway, I miss your writing and I hope you'll be able to post that story you talked about in your last blog back in June. Goodluck my firend with whatever may still be troubling you.
Sincerely, Hawkshadow

Hey man, thanks for the watch :pinkiesmile:

And I don't remember if I've said it before but AWESOME avatar image :ajsmug:

Thank you for favoriting Luna's Big Mac Attack!

Had a lot of fun writing it as a silly project and glad to have shared it!

Oh, I think I read one of your stories before...but can't recall where, so will check them out. Still, thanks again

Thankyou for the fav! Means a bunch to me! :heart:

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