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Used to write a lot more on FimFic some time ago, left for a bit, but want to get into the groove again.

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I'm feeling a bit nostalgic I think I'm going to reread some of your stories to see if they still hold up now that I'm older. Hope you're doing well, whatever that might entail.

I hope this doesn’t annoy you or anything, but will you ever put Employee of the Month back on Fimfiction? It was a nice story to read to be honest.

Strange, it's been a long time since I returned and then remembered Chaotic Melancholy and still have to read it.

1460516 I am digging it:ajsmug: but your other one translated into your persona of kindness :ajbemused:

Like my new avatar? :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 117 - 121 of 121
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