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Used to write a lot more on FimFic some time ago, left for a bit, but want to get into the groove again.

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Indeed. To my knowledge, if it has been written on Fimfiction then it can be found on Fimfetch. Although I am unsure if you can find older versions of a story before they were edited at some point. I found about it myself because Samsara, another author of some classics, did the same thing as here and someone linked the fimfetch link. I'm unsure why they do this considering how popular they were and all but at least I know I can go back and read Grimoire and the Our Chaotic series.

Thanks for the link! Though, it saddens me that they would remove a story that gained a lot of popularity back a few years ago. Especially since it never was finished. :ajsleepy:


You can find all of their stores here.

I hope this doesn’t annoy you or anything, but will you ever put Employee of the Month back on Fimfiction? It was a nice story to read to be honest.

Strange, it's been a long time since I returned and then remembered Chaotic Melancholy and still have to read it.

  • Viewing 118 - 122 of 122
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