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[ Tiny Short-Story inspired by ROBCakeran53's - Wasteland Future!]
The final moments are at hoof, and Princess Celestia ventures forth with the Elements of Harmony to stop a dire foe once and for all. However, knowing that the end draws near, the Princess of the Sun has one final question. Why?

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This story is a sequel to Our Chaotic Melancholy

Eve, a baby draconequus shunned by equestrian society, continues her ventures in the hopes of finding a path to the life she craves. A life of peace, love, and acceptance.

But the further she goes, the more she begins to question whether her dreams were ever possible. And the further her cherished world becomes, the more she begins to question her destined role as a draconequus, and a monster.

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When a lone baby draconequus happens to stumble into Cheerilee's class one day, the caring mare can't help but take it upon herself to attempt raising it.

But as time goes on, Cheerilee soon learns the risks of taking in a draconequus. Risks, that could cost the both of them, everything.

(Much loved Editor: The11thWonder, + Revision Chapters 9 & 10: Jokie155)

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After being expelled from the Wonderbolt's Academy for her brash recklessness, Lightning Dust tries to come to terms with the likely possibility she'll never achieve her dreams. Amidst her depression, she reflects on her life, and the mistakes she's made, contemplating where to go from here.

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