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I also draw pretty pictures :3

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    Drafted into the defense of Equestria, the Crusaders volunteer to embark a series of dangerous operations behind enemy lines to cripple one of their chief technological advantages, a revolutionary spell matrix that Twilight refers to as the "radio."
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NC's Got Jokes Ayy · 8:14am Apr 2nd, 2018

That probably would have been way more effective had I remembered to mark it as 'Complete.' My bad. Almost had (most) of you! Not to worry. Just give it another, oh, five years or so and we ought to have the conclusion in VIII! :rainbowwild:

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You bet! Thanks so much for writing! I apologize for not doing so sooner, I go back to it every so often and finally got it done!

Hiya Mares, thanks for liking that story of mine, I appreciate it :heart:

You bet! I wanted to drop a comment on the story itself but didn't know where a good spot would be. It's awesome, can't wait for more!

The one and only NCMares favs my story! What an honor! Love your Night Mares story, my dude, and thanks a ton! :twilightsmile:

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