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Octavia Harmony

"Fragile and easily startled. If you move too fast he gets scared and hides under the bed." -Aragon

Mafia Octavia.

All credit to Mafia Octavia goes to Zedrin and his Ask Mafia Octavia. Please check out his stuff, it's very cool.

The picture in the banner was created by NCMares. Definitely click the link for the full image!

Works I've Helped With

As an editor you will learn that there are four types of dashes. First there is the figure dash (-), then there is the en-dash (–), before finally there is the em-dash (—). The one you will encounter the most often, however, is Rainbow Dash.

Stories that I have edited. Hopefully. I think all of them are certainly worth a read! In my time here, I've truly enjoyed working with every story in the list.

Spike's Temporary Stay by B25 (Version I worked on does not exist anymore.)
Shattered Prism by Kaidan
For The Fatherland by General Soarin' (Version I worked on does not exist anymore.)
Dangerous Game by General Soarin' (Version I worked on does not exist anymore.)
The Road by Aragon
Born On A Rock Farm by Aragon
Wine And Toothpaste by Aragon
Shining DONE! by Aragon
A Train, on Fire, Full of Orphans by Aragon
Night Mares by NCMares
My True Body by Dark Avenger
Let Me Tell You Where This Will End by Selbi
A Hell of a Time by Aragon
Queen of Queens by JawJoe
Rainbow Dash: Re-Animator by JawJoe
Parenting is Easy, I Swear by Aragon
Anarchive Reigns by Aragon
I Want to Take the Wings off, but I Can't by JawJoe
You Cannot Give Up Again by Selbi
Crime and Funishment by Aragon
I Don't Want To Write This by Aragon
Fridge Horror by Aragon
Monsters by JawJoe
Fly Hard by Aragon
When in doubt, water flowers! by Lise Eclaire
You're NOT a Lesbian, Rainbow Dash! by Lise Eclaire
I'm NOT a Virgin Princess, Twilight! by Lise Eclaire
Sunsettle For This by Aragon
Professional Virgin: Unicorn Interpreter by Lise Eclaire
The Hanging Hat by Snowybee

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Thanks for the watch! :heart:

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