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Whitechainsaw's to do list

[ ] Write my first story

[ ] write 5 stories

[ ] Write a story with more than 20.000 words

[ ] write a story with more than 50.000 words

[ ] Write a decent prologue

[ ] write a clopfic

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Thanks for faving my shizzle!
It means so much to me that you took a look at it, thank you. :3
All good things,
Your friendly neighborhood Duskhoof!

Thanks for the fave!

Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank ypi for adding The Soldier and The Unexpected to your favorites.:twilightsmile:

Might I ask what you like about it?

thank you or adding Soldier of Magic to your Favorites. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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