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Striving for Harmony

Just an aspiring bass trombonist trying to make my way.


Trying to find an old story · 1:17am Oct 31st, 2018

As the title says, an old story, possibly from 2011-2012, has surfaced in my memory with just enough details to make me remember the gist but not the title. A quick Google search has failed to produce any recognizable results, so I'm hoping someone here has either heard of the story or can point me to a resource that can help.

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Aww shucks:twilightsheepish:
What expectations and dread were those?:rainbowlaugh:
Well here's hoping you enjoy how it ends, thanks a bunch!

Quite a bit of the story was well done, but the reason it got a fave was because it managed to completely defy all expectations and dread I had going in from the first chapter.

The author is also an upstanding gentleman, so there's that to consider :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave! Any particular part you liked?

Pleasure is mine, friend. Wouldn't do to let the lessons of the show fade.

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, awesome possum!

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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