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Striving for Harmony

Just an aspiring bass trombonist trying to make my way.


So there's this story... · 3:51am February 14th

About a year ago, I had a rudimentary structure of a story pop to mind. "Oh, that's cute," I thought to myself. "Surely no one else would want to hear this story." I came up with every reason under the sun to keep this story quiet: it was too preachy, it was a drawn-out "letter to Celestia" type of moral, I've never written anything fictional before and people will hate it.

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Thanks for following me! It's an honor! :twilightsheepish:

Heh, wow. Wasn't expecting anyone to really notice something about me. Great to know! You actually deserve a follow yourself because you have definitely caught my attention.:ajsmug::twilightsmile:

And I'll keep trying my best to provide great stories and chapters.:moustache:

Short version, you're an upstanding person and I think your stories have promise.

Long version, I first saw your name in a small comment war where you carried yourself with dignity in the face of indignity. A quick perusal of your profile and story premises convinced me that this legerity was no fluke. Do keep on keeping on, secure in the assurance that one more person wants to hear what you have to say.

Oh, and we share many opinions on favorite characters; that's always a plus. :yay:

Hiya! I wanna thank ya kindly for the watch that you graciously bestowed me. Although I have no idea what made you take an interest in me. Perhaps you can enlighten me? :ajsmug::moustache:


:ajsmug: There's always somepo- err, someone to watch over you.

(That sounds much less creepy in my head :fluttershyouch:)

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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