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Just an aspiring bass trombonist trying to make my way.


Trying to find an old story · 1:17am Oct 31st, 2018

As the title says, an old story, possibly from 2011-2012, has surfaced in my memory with just enough details to make me remember the gist but not the title. A quick Google search has failed to produce any recognizable results, so I'm hoping someone here has either heard of the story or can point me to a resource that can help.

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So there's this story... · 3:51am Feb 14th, 2018

About a year ago, I had a rudimentary structure of a story pop to mind. "Oh, that's cute," I thought to myself. "Surely no one else would want to hear this story." I came up with every reason under the sun to keep this story quiet: it was too preachy, it was a drawn-out "letter to Celestia" type of moral, I've never written anything fictional before and people will hate it.

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A confession on Harmony · 1:06am Nov 14th, 2015

As may or may not be implied by my pseudonym, there's little that is more instantly appealing to me than Harmony. Yes, the capitalization is intentional; I mean Harmony in all its forms.

The Free Dictionary has a bunch of definitions for harmony, but here are my highlights:
- An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole
- A combination of sounds considered pleasing to the ear, as in music

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Someone had too much fun coding. · 4:21am Oct 19th, 2014

Every so often, it's fun to try new things. On this site, that usually translates to trying out a new color scheme while reading. Personally, I like alternating between Twilight Sparkle and Applejack colors. So imagine my surprise (and delight) to see a new character pop up as a color scheme choice: Princess Celestia!

Let's see what this does ....


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