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Brief History and MLP Canon · 4:41am Aug 19th, 2019

In my last blog, I discussed how one of the (many) reasons the fics sort of went to sleep was due to both lagging behind the show, and not knowing how to continue with my intent of being canon compliant even as the show became more and more specific. So, now that I've seen Season 7 (with 8 and 9 when I can later), I will make this official: The fics A Brief History of Equestria and Brief History Side Stories will hence forth be considered "Alt. History." Elements in canon that do not work for

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Wait i think i know you weren’t you the guy who hung around the lilo and stitch fandom back in the day?

Some days ago I started to read A Brief Story of Equestria. Right now I've just finished reading the side stories.
Honestly, since a lot of time ago I wasn't as impressed as I was reading them. The story, the universe, the lore, the characters... All of that is commendable described. I could really get involved in the feelings, desires and regrets of the protagonists.
That said, I can't help but feel sad that the series is in hiatus since a couple of years ago. I would really love to see how the Talohoof war ended, some side story about Pansy and Trencher, maybe any brief moment of happiness that Princess Platinum could have felt... Not mentioning, of course, a story about Clover and Hurricane's first time.
I will be following you hoping someday you continue the series.
Kind regards.

How are things with 'Brief History' going?

2036111 Well, that's part of why I started this: To inspire a frame work for others to work off of. So go ahead.

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