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From the exciting pages of Spacebattles comes yet another thrilling adventure of Daring Do! In the humid jungles of Zebrica, Daring Do finds a fragment of a scroll detailing the final locations of the four Golden Horseshoes of Mimic the Great and Powerful!

But there are others who seek out these ancient and powerful artifacts! The grave robbing and handsome Rogue Dashing and the mysterious Benefactress seek out the horseshoes to sell them on the black market! And there are darker forces at work, all seeking to use the powers of the Horseshoes to conquer the world! The powerful Duke a la Mode, with his League of Griffins and the sinister Miss Sprinkles. From the depths of the sea rises Reginald Trident and his mechanical army. The gangster Lou Crotta seeks them out for his own nefarious ends. And the abominable Ahuizotl as well.

Yes! All your favorite villains seek in one thrilling tale! Can Daring Do and her friends find the four Golden Horseshoes? Or will villainy carry the day? Read on to find out!

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First and epic :scootangel::heart::heart:

Second, this is seriously awesome, and I can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

556016>>559417 Well I'm glad you all love it. However, I'd like everyone to bear in mind that chapters will be a long time in coming, as this is a round-robin/group project.

Now then, to keep yourselves occupied, have some OC images! Just copy/paste the codes to this pony creator: http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904 It should be under the "Advanced" tab under each subject.

Miss Sprinkles:
Body 2S3W001000A3A3A3FFC49D02141C60000U1123810H021001T0CEAE2BFF7FFF2S107F3FCC004CB2
Accessories 0000000066CC66066CC667000000300000004E8FBAFFFF8C266CC66266CC66266CC66266CC66

Rogue Dashing: 2Z2L0V5000ED8600FED89E00200001EFEUN183700B000401N0C42121FF7FFF06107F3FCC004CB2

Madam Trowel
Body: 2S2S000100FE9C9CFFC49D0020100BB96UQ1837000000000Y03F4BCCFF7FFF03107F3FCC004CB2
Accessories: 066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC6604E8FBAFFFF8CDCACE53066CC661CDD156066CC66

Plucky: 002R00210015B500FFC49D000010008FEUP183704220000091FEFF294CD84802117F3FCC004CB2

Professor Spade: 2S1H0R32007019B2FFC49D029009B6C40EN183700700052181DBCEED0D24560T107F3FCC004CB2

See you guys later!

Thx but I don't have a comp I have and iPad so I'll have to type that all D:

Just a subtle reminder, it seems you have broken Italics tags in the chapter.

So, I guess this is what a Daring Do novel is supposed to be like. No wonder Rainbow Dash loves them! :rainbowkiss: I really liked it too. Quite an interesting cast of characters. They seem as ridiculous as the characters from the pulp adventure stories that inspired stuff like Daring Do. like the Duke a la Mode; he seems like an expert in the Xanatos Gambit. And Miss Sprinkles is clearly a parody of Pinkie Pie from Sergeant Sprinkles' Cupcakes. :pinkiecrazy: Somehow both she and Lou and Leucrottas. I've found Leucrottas fascinating and have always wanted to see them in an MLP fanfic. You got some Dungeons and Dragons reference. I don't know why but I imagined Ziggy looking a bit like Ren from Ren and Stimpy. Ziggy Stardust! I see what you did there. :twilightsmile: And Flowers is clearly a really old school cartoon reference. And the Golden Horseshoes are a reference to G1 MLP. I look forward to whenever this story updates again.

Daring Do, and the tale behind Mimic and Talonhoof? Its a dream come true!

Hmm. Considering how long it's been since you've updated this, I imagine it's probably been abandoned. Still, hope I'm wrong.

Oh dear luna... Someone remembers mimic... I love you

Please continue this.

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