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This groups looks cool.:pinkiehappy:

Woo Hoo! Daring Do is, so, awesome! :rainbowkiss:

I was curious about something. Are there any Daring Do fics loosely based off of the Last Crusade? I was thinking of doing one of those where we meet her dad, but if someone else has done it, I'll back down on this one.


Daring Do and the Curse of the Lost Tomb is up! Check it out here

Added The Rainbow Face Up recently. Whyit wasn't here I dunno, but it's added now.

Currently working on a Daring Do fic that's much more expansive than my previous two, Ivory Idol and Trials of Zenith.

It's titled Daring Do and the Curse of the Lost Tomb. While the name may seem generic, it fits the bill for what the story is about.

Scootaround, Daring sidekick that people enjoyed in Ivory Idol is back again, along with a host of new characters and returning OCs. Kinda necessary in a fictional sub-universe to Equestria of the 1930s that has barely been explored.

I'm going the Ivory Idol route again, that is to say posting the story only when I've completed it. I tried posting Trials of Zenith piece by piece from the beginning, but I think the other way was better. Expect it in a month or so!

Here's a teaser for you guys:


well, as long as my story is shown here I'm happy, I'de like some feed back though Daring Do and the Bleeding Stone

Might as well as a story of my own on there: Daring Do and The Stigma of Fear

Well, might as well post my adventures here in hopes of criticism and fellow cool ponies. :raritywink:

Daring Do And The Turquoise Serpent

I would greatly appreciate comments and feedback, thank you ^^

Hey guys, check out Daring Do and the Trials of Zenith. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/30413/Daring-Do-and-the-Trials-of-Zenith Currently writing it, not even halfway done yet. This fic's gonna be rather lengthy when complete, and I'd appreciate comments on how it is so far. :twilightsmile:

285005 Oh yeah, that was me. Sorry bout not asking for permission, anything Daring I see on the main page I throw in here.

I didn't know other people could add my stories to a group. Huh. Well whatever, glad to know there's a Daring Do group now though.

Hmm... I don't see "Whip and Wing" on the list. :unsuresweetie:

Hey guys

Hey my fics already here! :D

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