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Hello and welcome to the Spitfire group! So show her some love

1:Best pony Spitfire MUST be a main character

2: Mark NSFW treads with [NSFW]

3: You can only add a story once

...and that's pretty much it if anyone has any questions and or complaint's PM one of the Admins:
Muxix311 SolidFire Literature Rumble

Special thanks to:
Rumble for adding in new things.
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Spitfire is so brilliant but the episodes dont really make her seem that way

Is there an app for this ??????

Love her, she is the most badass pony in Equestria!

I hate to be that guy, but the cover image looks suspiciously vaginal in design.

That aside, Spitfire is best pony.

This group needs a membership drive, so the glory of Best Pegasus gets out to more readers :eeyup:
(see, even Big Mac agrees that Spits is the BEST Pegasus)

I have a story called Soaring Flames against Soaring Rainbows, can it be added here?

Spitfireshould be MAIN PONY!!:moustache:

Who knowes how many fics there are on spitfire

340808 Oh no!, don't worry I believe I've had the threads good and covered for the past few days, I will continue to do so until he returns.

So I bring news of Muxix.

His computer is currently screwed due to a non-recharging battery.




Nice group. :D

its an honor to be here

Can't resist.
Spitfire is..
best pony! :raritystarry:

i like this already

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