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Hello and welcome to the Spitfire group! So show her some love

1:Best pony Spitfire MUST be a main character

2: Mark NSFW treads with [NSFW]

3: You can only add a story once

...and that's pretty much it if anyone has any questions and or complaint's PM one of the Admins:
Muxix311 SolidFire Literature Rumble

Special thanks to:
Rumble for adding in new things.
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Is there an app for this ??????

Love her, she is the most badass pony in Equestria!

I hate to be that guy, but the cover image looks suspiciously vaginal in design.

That aside, Spitfire is best pony.

This group needs a membership drive, so the glory of Best Pegasus gets out to more readers :eeyup:
(see, even Big Mac agrees that Spits is the BEST Pegasus)

I have a story called Soaring Flames against Soaring Rainbows, can it be added here?

Spitfireshould be MAIN PONY!!:moustache:

Who knowes how many fics there are on spitfire

340808 Oh no!, don't worry I believe I've had the threads good and covered for the past few days, I will continue to do so until he returns.

Feels weird being in this group again.
Hi everyone, again.

So I bring news of Muxix.

His computer is currently screwed due to a non-recharging battery.




Nice group. :D

its an honor to be here

Can't resist.
Spitfire is..
best pony! :raritystarry:

i like this already

  • Viewing 4 - 23 of 23
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