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Goodness... where has Spitfire been? · 2:41am Jan 14th, 2013

Well where have I been? I've been chatting, and chatting, and working, and basically wasting my time on this lovely site called Ponysquare. That's mainly where I RP, but one day I decided to pop in on here. I've thought of a few good stories, so I was thinking about giving FimFiction one more chance. Perhaps I've been gone too long, but if you'd like to RP with me, you can go on my Ponysquare page.


-Love, Spitfire

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Thanks for the kind comment. I'm glad I exceeded your expectations!

I'm pleased as plumb pudding to have your watch. :twilightsmile:

Oh hello, nice to meet you.
I like your stories :applejackunsure:

302210 Lol Yeah, It can b hard to start getting watchers. It took me 35 weeks to get a feature so no worry's, just keep trying and eventually you will succeed.:twilightsmile:

300761 Haha, yeah. If only I got more watches - 3-

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