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Yā min'na, sore wa shibaraku shite imasu! · 4:29am Oct 12th, 2014

I like playing with Google translate.

So, how have you all been? I've been doing great. A shame no one wanted to try and finish SP But I guess it's better that way for most of you. But anyway, just wanted to say hi to you all and see how things are going for all of you.

Also, how many people are in a state of bitter sweetness about Naruto ending in 5 chapters?

Also, everything on the user page seems... cramped together somewhat. XD

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Will you continue to write?

2443044 Lol Yeah, seeing olf author buddies still active and doing well is always a nice site.

2443026 Well hey, it's good to see you back for another minute. Hope you like the fresh meat that still comes through here. :coolphoto:

2442986 True, who knows what the future holds. And yeah, more or less a year or so... :twilightsheepish:

2442954 It could, if you believe in it.:pinkiehappy: Lol, Idk. I started on this website like last year. only thing that caught my deep interest is that I saw you get back on after, what a whole year?:pinkiesmile:

2442562 Hey, just wanted to come see what everything is like now. Not really sure if it'll amount to anything though.

Do my eyes deceive me? Did this author really signed back in just a few hours ago?:pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by LIL DASHIE GRINGO deleted Dec 29th, 2016


New fic idea.

New title.

One word.


Holla back!

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