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Hi guys! My name is Paul, and i like to draw comics and write about ponies! I hope you enjoy my stories!

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I'm glad you liked the twist at the end. You have no idea how spontaneous it was :rainbowlaugh: pretty sure I changed to ending to that mere minutes before I submitted it!

Back to the subject of Romance. I suppose I meant I enjoy writing it more than other genres, rather than I'm better at writing it. At the moment the majority of my ideas are either romances, or multi-chapter adventures - I'm currently in the process of writing a clop and a romance - but I find I never have the time to write the latter, which is a shame because I simply adore some of the ideas and ponder over them every other day, pushing to develop the idea.

Perhaps you'll have to wait a while before I find the time to write up some of the more action-packed stories floating around my head, but hopefully you'll find it worth the wait.

Feel free to message me whenever you want to talk. I'm told I'm particularly good at bouncing around ideas with people, helping them develop them and spot plotholes. Or if you just want some banter I'm always full of that!


Yea it was very good! im surprised comedy wasn't your strong points!:pinkiegasp: Plus i really enjoyed the double twist in the end, very creative!:pinkiehappy:

Good luck on your romance ones! As for me, im not really into romance much, well actually no, i am a little bit. I just prefer action based stories.:rainbowlaugh:

And yea, i'll most likely see ya around, that is, if you keep making good stories:trixieshiftright: NAH im just kidding, lets keep in touch!:twilightsmile:


Ahh, nice to see someone reply! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Comedy's not usually my thing; I'm much better at writing romance (despite my inexperience in the subect!). For now I'm focusing on my romance ideas. This Can Only Mean One Thing was just a spur-of-the moment, rushed one-shot that struck me once I watched the episode. I'll have to wait for significant inspiration until I write another comedy as my current comedic ideas are pretty shallow. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for getting back to me, and you're welcome, of course.
Hope to see you around Fimfiction! :rainbowkiss:

Your welcome! it was quite funny!:moustache:

Thanks for the fave on This Can Only Mean One Thing

I really hope you enjoy(ed) reading it! :rainbowkiss:

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Working on Chapter 11 and new cover art! · 9:05am Mar 5th, 2013

Hows it going guys! just letting you know that im still doing stuff...

Chapter 11 will here soon, while my new cover art may take a little while longer. Drawing anthro ponies is harder than i thought! Especially when your trying to make the main 6.

Anyway thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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