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"Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid / Copper for the craftsman, cunning in his trade / 'Good', laughed the Baron, sitting in his hall / But iron - cold iron - shall be the master of them all."

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An Offer You'll Hopefully Accept · 3:52pm April 22nd

So, a mere three weeks later (damn my busy schedule) I'm finally responding to the reactions to 'An Offer She Can't Excuse". I have to admit when the comments first started to pour in I was very surprised to find quite a few people disliking the ending. It took a couple of read-throughs of the chapter and some deep thought before I realized what had gone wrong. The problems were two-fold, or perhaps one fed into the other. The main problem being that I lost the ridiculous, absurdist tone that

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Holy shit baskets... I've figured it out.
It is all so obvious. How could we all have been so blind? Psychscubadiver isn't Butcher, he's Bob!!

Oh man! Have you seen the latest episode with Starlight!?

Imagine if the white council caught wind of what she did! :rainbowlaugh:

Still waiting on that next chapter, super excited to see more from you.

It's weird to think that I've been on this site for four and a half years. I mean seriously, just look at my profile pic. The bedspread that formed the backdrop is long gone, and my skull doesn't even have the same thumbtack eyes that it used to. I've still got that hat; not like it fits my giant head anymore, though.

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