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"Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid / Copper for the craftsman, cunning in his trade / 'Good', laughed the Baron, sitting in his hall / But iron - cold iron - shall be the master of them all."


Wilfred Xavier Manning is an exemplary clerk. However, he is somewhat less qualified to deliver invitations. Especially when the recipients are six of the strangest girls he has ever met. Such a minor detail means nothing to a man with Wilfred's sense of duty, yet still waters run deep. There is more to each girl than there appears, and if Wilfred is brave enough, there may be more to him as well.

Story image by: NanyJfreak

Chapters (4)
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I don't know why, but the description to this story made me think of the UPS guy from Good Omens for some reason... I'll read this later

But... it's not Dresden...

Oh well, it's good anyways. :pinkiehappy:

Well I'm intrigued as to where all of it is going so far.

I got to say that this story seems interesting and Wilfred looks like an entertaining character once he meets the rest of the girls.

Quite the interesting story so far, I'm intrigued as to where it is going.

I could only think of three characters, departments at first, but Dash made me realised Id missed out an even more obvious deparrtment.

Given the way reality was being reordered so seemlessly, I thought maaybe Discord, depending on times, or Gabrielle or Lucifer.

What Dash said though, suggests it was the Big D himself though, given Wilfred wants to get back to his numbers, his accounts, his mortgages.

And I dont mean payments on a house.:trollestia:

I got to say that his interaction with the girls is unique and the contrast between his values and the girls' makes this chapter interesting.

Well I can definitely state with full assurance that I would not read this if you hadn't written it.

Wilfred was almost as fond of children as he was of cod liver oil,

I would like to mention that, given the quirks I'd already seen in Wilfred's character, this sentence honestly left me wondering if you meant he liked children a lot. I mean, maybe a dusty nonsocial possibly-bitter career clerk loves cod liver oil.

Damn this site for not allowing me to thumbs up it 100 times! :D

I like it! :twilightsheepish:

Nothing like reading about a distinguished gentlemen deal with the insanity of some of these characters.

--Pyro The Faithful Reader

This is interesting enough:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:. I'll keep reading, but I hope you're working on the next Dresden story too.

This guy? Going to see Pinkie? I pray for his soul... :ajsleepy:

Also, I eagerly hope that Dash is present when he finally reveals that he thinks she's a guy. :trollestia:

Eat your vegetables or you don't get any dessert. :ajsmug:

Implying that Twilight might like it too...

Oh, come on. You don't set up a misunderstanding like that and not let it rip at the most inopportune moment.

*omnom nom*
[mouth full]: Forry, wash? Deesh veggeesh ar goo' an tays-see.
*digs back in*

I'm not a fan of humanized. I only gave this a shot because Jim wrote it.

It's sure shaping up to be a good story, though.

I just read through this aloud in a British accent; except I used each characters voices when they were speaking. I found it particularly hard switching from Applejacks' southern, country drawl back to British! LOL! It made my brain go all, well this- :derpyderp1: :derpyderp2: :derpytongue2:

I'm thinking recording a reading aloud of this story

There is something rather strange going on here:unsuresweetie:...
...Aside the obvious I mean:trollestia:.
He never mentions who it is he works for, or what kind of business he is accounting for. He keeps mentioning the importance of his boss, but yet again never specifies as too how important, nor how long he has had this new boss or even his new bosses name (In fact, its almost as if this is his first time meeting his new boss). The stairs that led to his from his office, were apparently not there fifteen minutes ago, and the way you wrote it seems to suggest that he stepped right out of his bosses office onto the street (though I could just be reading that wrong).

Its almost as if he has some sort of mental block to the oddities of his own life.

Interesting read, please continue:twilightsmile:.

What an excellent chap, he's so proper, a bit stuffed in the trouser maybe, but I like him. Glad to see you used one of the pictures I sourced as a cover image, I'm honoured to have aided in the creation of such a singular story. :pinkiesmile:

Faaaanastic....like seriously enjoying it. I'm afraid this is gonna be a short one...I'm also afraid he is dead. We need him in equestria, he is a great character.

Hah well, it's going to be fun once he learns that Dash actually IS a she :rainbowlaugh:

I cannot wait until he finds out that Rainbow is a girl!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That will be PERFECT!!! I'm also very excited to see his reaction to Pinkie.

More, soon, please? Please, please, please? You are a fantastic writer, I mean it, and I really, really, want to be seeing more, soon. Ok?

4877668 4875868
I appreciate the trust you guys have as in me as a writer. Thank you.

4875075 4876082
I'm taking a bit of a break from Dresden, but have no fear. He will return around the beginning of Fall. In the meantime there is this and something that should be appearing a couple weeks or so.

Are you implying, sir, that a stout bastion of British virtue would ever serve such a creature as the Lord of the Fallen?
... Even though he pays very well.
... and his accounts are in need of a proper clerk.

Please do. I'd love to hear how Wilfred Xavier Manning would sound while narrating.

Well gang, it looks like we have another mystery on our hands!

It will be a short one, you are correct there. The next two chapters will be longer than these two, but not by much.

4876125 4879700 4879776
Oh, now. You don't think I'd do a mean thing like that to poor Wilfred, do you? :scootangel:

Well, I can't promise how soon, but I am at work on the next chapter already, Lady Stark. I remember the true lords of Winterfell and will do my best to heed your word.

4881740 See that you do, Ser, and you shall be rewarded. Lannisters may pay their debts, but Starks never GO into dept. We pay upfront. :)

Alright, that works for me. As I said earlier, this is pretty awesome, too. It can share the pedestal you've built.


Sir, when said Master took upon himself the greatest mage as his gentlemans gentleman, and he is of all englishmen, from David against the Goliath, to Jason of Friday 13, then I say.

My dear boy, who else could you possibly expect to deal with this mess? :trollestia:

ill read this when my eyelids arent threatening to slam shut like a door to a prison cell...

ah screw it i got a bit more energy left in me.


On the dash thing, I can see this exchange...
"I'm most dreadfully sorry, I rather assumed that--"
"Do I LOOK like a boy to you?"
"Actually, Darling, with that outfit you rather do."

Wilbur sighed. This was getting more complicated all the time. He missed his ledgers so very much...

Very interesting. MLP meets Victorian London; I don`t think anyone else. has tried something like this I`m very curious to see where you go with this scenario. Excellent work as always. :pinkiehappy:

When I read the description of AJ, for some reason I got an image of Doris Day in my head. I think a humanized AJ would look a lot like Doris Day, come to think of it.

I`m really getting a kick out of Wilfred`s rationalizations; though considering the time and place, I doubt his British sensibilities can handle Rarity & Twilight; the existence of magic will cause his whole worldview to come crashing down. That should be fun to watch. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, second chapter is as awesome as the first. Please continue the good work. Can`t wait to read your next Dresden story as well!:pinkiehappy:

Why do I get a strong fae vibe off of Manning's boss? :pinkiecrazy:

Also, I've kind of cast Manning as David Bradley (the guy who plays Argus Filch and Walder Frey) in my head.

I can't even be angry at skinny Dash depictions anymore. It's completely reasonable but is not exclusive to other possibilities. It is probably one of the reasons I dislike humanized in general.

Good chapter, though I'm not sure how good or bad a sign it is that I care far more about where the story is going than I do about what is going on in the story.

I just realized. It hit me like a bolt of lightning.

This guy? This guy here?

This is Stanley.

4888570 remind me..who is Stanley?(to many interesting characters in the Dresden files, its hard to keep up.


Not from the Dresden Files, from the Stanley Parable.

I'm a little confused but in an intrigued sense. I'm anxious to see how you connect the two worlds. As long as you promise to bring this story to fruition, you have my favorite.

Am I the only one who's seeing this almost like A Christmas Carol, but most modernized, and not about Christmas? XD

Still, good start! Onwards to chapter two!

I am not Hasbro.

I am Groot!

Wilfred rounded a corner, hoping to emerge on Fleet street,


The waif nodded and continued walking slowly, keeping herself hidden behind her long bangs.

:rainbowwild: Clearly you meant waifu.
:rainbowhuh: Hm. Does this story make Wilfred a waifu stealer?

Well, let’s get goin’, then,” she said, and set off at the brisk pace, Shy and Wilfred hurrying to follow her.

a brisk pace, unless it is in fact the infamous Brisk pace (Silly Walks Ministry patent 0243b), pioneered by Sir Gerald Toppenbottom in 1919.

Gods I love how classically British Wilfred is.
And I look forward to learning just what exactly is going on here.


And then there were none?

(I haven't read the fic yet jsyk) I saw the cover image on DeviantART a few days ago and it was my favourite fan art for a while, so when I found this fic I was like "MUST READ :pinkiecrazy: ". xD

Moars!!! I love it! :trollestia: Waiting for the next! It is going to feel like years till the next. I'm sure of it. :fluttercry:

I do say. This has a fun read to it, and reminds me of the Victorian era of writing, a bit of Sherlock Holms, Frankenstein and the ilk. So keep up the good work and I do look forward to reading the next chapter, also congrats to you sir, this story went from my read later stash into my favorites after chapter one. Rather after the first one third of the chapter but I wanted to finish said chapter before clicking the star and the thumbs up.

Keep up the prose, and keep the style alive. I look forward to what he may think of Ponyville, and it does seem from the description, he himself has a secret. The question is... well that shall be answered upon the meeting to one Miss Sparkle. As we do not yet know if we have a Spike yet. Yes I am making a prediction, how risky I do say, that we may be seeing someone that could act like an older Spike.

Still, I look forward to finding the other three girls and then, returning to his employer. Unless their is a sudden adventure that delays him a bit. Still, I look forward to more of this story as it comes out.

If he meets a precog in one of those diving suits with the tube I'm going to freak out, psychicscubadiver.

There is some fantastic phrases in here. "With a heavy heart and a slouched spine" is probably my quote of the week.

This is a great chapter! I'm curious to see what happens next! I'm hanging on the edge of my seat reading this! Every action comes together so wonderfully!

A great use of grammar too. If only I could do the same.

Good work!


Got to say that I love Wilfred's reaction to meeting the love able oddity that is PInkie and his admiration towards Rarity. Your characters in this story are superbly well-written.

I'm still waiting for that awkwardness once he realizes that Dash is not a guy :rainbowlaugh:
Still, great chapter! Can't wait for the meeting with Twi. That will be interesting.

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