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"Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid / Copper for the craftsman, cunning in his trade / 'Good', laughed the Baron, sitting in his hall / But iron - cold iron - shall be the master of them all."


This story is a sequel to The Brony International Guard

When the Brony International Guard came to town Lyra thought all of hers dreams had come true. Finally, she had proof that nopony could argue with. But there's something strange about these creatures who call themselves 'bronies'. It isn't just their weird humor or quirky behavior. They're keeping secrets from everypony, and only Lyra seems to notice, or even care. None of investigations have solved this mystery just yet, but with the arrival of some new divisions, she may finally have the chance she needs...

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The Ending... Is... Beautiful

Reading Later. Follow up to the BIG? Or only in spirit?

Read a few paragraphs in, saw my name

went : FFFFFFFPPHHHHHWIOJgriogreojhketjltjej

i think my brain just went into shutdown the second i say the word-count. fuck man it's late. i can't read this NOW!!

why you do this to me :raritydespair:

As with the BIG this was amazingly well written and very funny....It's an interesting, dare I say, unique concept that is really well explored...which is why I kinda feel bad when I say that the concept kinda bothers me.

I'm a huge Brony and I would LOVE to see Equestria...but to have 25 fans follow around and do whatever a pony wants--it would kinda ruin what they have. These ponies are (largely) self-reliant, capable, intelligent...to suddenly have two dozen servants for each pony would really take away from the charm and likeability of Equestria and its denizens. Even leading aside the economic aspects (AJ can now exploit 25 fans to work Sweetie Apple Acres for free! Who need paid employees?) it would suck all the adventure out of things to have the BIG do it instead of the ponies themselves. I'm probably over-thinking this, but it is what comes to mind. I was actually glad when Twilight rejected her BIG contingent in the first story (cruel as it sounds), at first anyway. Again, this is a great fic and deserves to be on EQD but some of the ramifications really rub me the wrong way.

Definitely going to read this, probably not all in one sitting though.

On a further note, why would it by "ponicide" and not something like "equicide"? Just something I've noticed in a few fics, and this just happened to be the one I ask about it. Good so far though!

Well... At first I was thinking 'oh wow! I'll be one of the first to read the BIG sequel!'


And then I saw the word count.


That's a good story. I enjoyed the overall story-line and the humor. :twilightsmile:

I told you I'd put you in it. :pinkiehappy:
Though, I think it was several months ago I last mentioned it..

878665 Aye you did and I remembered, one thing being told and another finally seeing it happened. Made me grin like a madman for half an hour you did. Still reading but so far a pretty nice sequel, sir.

:rainbowderp: Dude... That was awesome! :rainbowkiss:
And of course Phoe is the Lyra Division leader. Why didn't I think of that?!

I don't know how you did it, but this was even better than the first one. Hoping to see even more, maybe a little sooner this time?

Comment posted by mau5! deleted Mar 6th, 2014

I... I just cant...

This was amazing!

you should release the handbook as a story

I actually completely agree with you. If this happened in the actual show it would ruin it, no question.
I, on the other hoof, am just monkeying about with the idea of bronies finding a way into their favorite show. If you take any of it seriously none of it really makes sense. That is why I aim to never be taken seriously. :pinkiehappy:

Whoa. I never expected a sequel.

Never mind to reading it later, it was too tempting to stop, great story, absolutely fantastic! And that ending was perfect.

Phil shrugged. “I’ve managed not to tell anyone that my older brother wet his bed until he was thirteen for more than a decade.”

Up until now. Good job Phil!

Jason the human ... clever.

Are we going to be able to see more of these BIG adventures, so to speak, from the perspective of other ponies in the future? I enjoyed this and the original and would love to see you find some way to put in more.

Very well done. Some grammar errors, but very minor.

De Nada - Who are you and how do you know my language. Still it was a great story and I loved the "Rulebook" inbetween parts of the fic. That last rule expecialy, when I red it I imediatly though of "The Unpekable Truth". Nifty title XD


Very commendable psychicscubadiver. I actually hope you make a sequel this this and make it continious. I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy:

Am I the only guy who wants to see the whole manual?

Aaannd... Done. I'm on an iPod right now, so I can't give an in depth comment at the moment, but I will say that the 'silver axes' line had me laughing. Seriously.

nice. can't wait to see more set in this 'universe':pinkiehappy:

also, could I be in the Luna division? or the Twi division? (I only ask because I would teach them how to play chess, play chess with them (yeah, I like chess), and do basically anything they ask (:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:I do mean ANYTHING))

Well mate your sequel was bloody brilliant, loved every word of it. The ending with the first page of the manual is especially giving me an existential crisis that I'm loving too.

Also makes me wonder what's planned for the future. The last BIG story got a huge following and this one I bet is going to get just as many, probably more. Wonder how long it takes until someone wants to make a spin-off to the world you've made.

Finally... Thank you for making me a mailman, Derpy Division for the win.

Oh god this is good. Full of ridiculously silly but brilliant humor. I can't stop giggling dammit.
Love this and it's predecessor.

Awesome! One of the best HiE stories gets a sequel.

It looks like the BIG actually does have a military division.

So will we ever see a story that showcases the military side of the BIG?

So worth the trip going here


...Anyway, great fic.


"Hush Steve, you're ruining the moment." Brilliant.

Loved it loved it loved it.

Best Lyra story ever...well tied with Anthology. The Princesses snippets were silly and the details of the real world in comparison to Equestria was well done. Twilight would flip her horn if she was in that world.

You could probably do short stories for each division if you wanted.

read and i just have to say
this turned out really good and now i have to shut my computer down so goodnight everyone!

Wow. That was certainly amazing.

I wonder though, do the Princesses know about the status of their universe? And could we really say that Equestria was fictional and dictated by a few humans if we could, in fact, travel to it?

Whelp, now to just wait for a third one that's 44k words.

Jason the Human! I see what you did there!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

"Tree sap.
Tree sap everywhere."

Thanks for the tree sap reference regarding the CMC. I have always felt that line (admittedly just a one off) deserved more mention in the fanfics that I read.
Another wonderful installment in the BIG storyline. Reading your stories brought me into this fandom (and boy was it an odd segue from Dresden Files to Friendship is Magic) and I haven't been disappointed by your writing yet. Keep up the good work!~


Indeed! That seems like an interesting question to explore. I like to go by the explanation that books (or fiction) are literally portals to other worlds or universes.

881186 But then you have to ask, did the author of said book or fiction create the universe that it's a portal to? Or was it always there and the author was somehow made aware of it? And more importantly, are we someone else's fiction? ... Did the ponies actually create us?!

I think I gave myself a headache.

:pinkiegasp: Wow ... that was just epic! Thank you for bringing this masterpiece that has gone above and beyond all I had hoped for in the B.I.G. sequel.
I only saw 3 missing words for errors out of this entire thing and will just have to reread to find out where they are.

I really want to see this continue but there in lies the problem. With you being only one author and having brought together my two most favorite series in the Dresden Fillies I'm not sure what I want to see more. - A third installment of the Dresden Fillies or a continuation of this hilarity. Maybe I can be greedy about it. :twilightsmile:

Do you ever plan on trying to get this story on Equestria Daily?

this story is lacking in Feature box :flutterrage:

and in the minds of the watching humans, several fanfics were born that day.

Oh... Oh my!

Man, that was beautiful... especially Jason's speech at the end. Thank you for writing such an entertaining and generally awesome story!

Now it is 6am and I need some sleep...:twilightblush:

100+ likes and 0 dislikes
Yep. I jinxed it.
Also dat last paragraph :rainbowlaugh:

It is 4am here... Why am I reading this now? I should be asleep! Damn you for writing such good stories!

Well... Time to do some fuckin' furious reading...

EDIT: So basically we entered a world we created on our own, and that this "world" is running off of - what I like to call - the Coal Buck Theory?

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