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803578 Oh yeah I copied that from a site. I didn't even rembeber I had those still there XD.

Upon noticing your favoring of my tale "Shadows of the Knight" (my thanks, by the by) I began reading your profile. While I do not agree on all of your said rules, I find that I must protest rule 45. Since my alignment leans more toward Discord I find it quite acceptable to initiate a bro-hoof, stick the thumb of my opposite hand within my mouth, making a blowing sound, then have my brohoof turn into a high five (followers of Pinkie may attempt this 42% of the time).

Thanks for faving The Voice of Reason!

383368 Agreeded. Even if she doesn't die, I do think it's clear she is getting weaker.

382993 Just because they can't die of old age doesn't mean they don't actualy age. I think after 7000 years or somesuch Celestia deserves retirement.

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