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Forget not that I am a derp.

The Oversaturated World

The day after the Battle of the Bands, Sunset Shimmer's friends asked to see her about some changes that hadn't gone away after defeating the sirens. Things escalated from there into a full-blown AU. Check out the original story here and the group here.

WARNING: Pretty much everything after the first story contains spoilers for the end of it, so I recommend following that first link first.

FoME Records, Ltd.

Want to work a song into your story? Need new lyrics that match the situation? Send me a PM with the song and situation, and I'll be happy to help. See here for details.

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Helpful Tips

• First things first: If you haven't written any stories before, before you do, read this blog and take its lessons to heart. It could save you a lot of heartbreak.
• Every writer here should read this blog post at some point. Just scroll past the faces first.
• See here for some of Fimfiction's more obscure but very useful features.
• See here for a rundown on hosting images for any images you may want to include in stories or blogs, especially in the wake of the encrapification of Imgur.
• "Millennium" is the singular. "Millennia" is the plural.
• Ponies have hair, not fur, as Zytharros and his thirty years of horse experience assure me.
• "Y'all" is usually a second-person plural pronoun. Dusty Tome tells me it's acceptable to use it when the antecedent is a single person, but bear in mind that some people will complain.
• Because "pegasi" is a plural, it should not be used as a noun adjunct (wherein a noun is used to modify another noun.) "Traditional pegasi armor" is as wrong as "traditional unicorns regalia" or "traditional earth ponies recipe." (Note the lack of apostrophes.) Use the singular.
• Reins are the things you hold when riding a horse. A reign is the rule of royalty. As such, when one needs to hold back, one should rein it in. Reigning it in would probably entail contracting the borders of the kingdom by royal decree.
• Go here or here for a helpful list of equine anatomy terms, the latter helpfully created by Dave_Bryant. For more terminology and horsepun fodder, see here.
• Go here for help with those pesky homophones.
• Want to write in Ye Olde Earlie Moderne Englishe? Daring Deux offers an excellent guide here.
• Comrade also offers excellent grammar blogs! Read them hereherehere, and here.
• Read these comics. You will learn and you will laugh.
• Need help writing rhyming dialogue? Don't want me writing song lyrics for you? Here's a guide to get you started.
• Eakin has an excellent guide for writing quality OCs here
• Sentience isn't anything special. Even earthworms are a bit sentient. The word you're looking for is "sapience" or "sapient." You know, like Homo sapiens.
• Immortality does not imply invulnerability. A vulnerable immortal can't die, but he can suffer injuries so horrendous he'd wish he could. (Suggested by halo003qd)
• There's also agelessness. Like the Norse gods, an ageless person won't die of being old, but will succumb to sufficient violence, disease, etc. The key word is "sufficient," which can range from "enough to kill most people" to "continent-destroying" or higher. (Suggested by the very awesome Jordan179.)
• As requested by Borg, to infer is to interpret something that has been suggested. To imply is to suggest something that can be interpreted.
• Also noted by Borg, the proper spelling is "without further ado." As with the play Much Ado About Nothing, "ado" means fuss or delay. "Without further adieus" is wrong unless it's an act of intentional wordplay.
• As requested by World Builder, a desert is a biome with very low rainfall. A dessert is delicious. Use more 's's on the one you want more of. (Unless you're a diabetic who really likes cacti, or something...)
• Also noted by World Builder, someone who could care less cares a nonzero amount. The truly indifferent couldn't care less. Of course, some characters can't appreciate the difference, but that's no excuse for you.
• As the CheesePie-tacular scoots2 informed me, when using such titles as "Her Royal Highness," be sure to remember the "Princess" bit. "Her Royal Highness Celestia" is analogous to "Barack, leader of the free world." It's just missing something.
• As noted by the Discordlicious alarajrogers, not only should each new speaker in dialogue get his or her own paragraph, that paragraph should generally contain what that speaker (and only that speaker) does while speaking. See her highly detailed comment for further details.
• On a related alarajrogers-mentioned note, avoid "saidisms." Abusing synonyms for "said" will draw attention away from what's actually being said. (I admit that I'm guilty of this in some of my own work.)
• As noted by Professor Plum on the user page with the comment box, "princess" should only be capitalized when used as a title. (e.g. "Princess Celestia" gets the capital, while "the princess" does not.)
• As noted by Bliss Authority, a discrete pony (or anything else) is an individually separate and distinct one. A discreet pony is one that can exercise discretion. Rainbow Dash, for example, is discrete, but not discreet.
• The soft-spoken jamlamin presented this well-structured guide to hyphenated adjectives.
• Remember: "Sweetie Belle" and "Apple Bloom" are both two words each. "Applejack" is one word.
• Melancholy notes that the phrase is "make do," not "make due."
• TheGreatEater notes that when using an Apple Family phonetic accent, you should capitalize "Ah" when substituting "I." Same principle of capitalization, just on a slightly longer word.
• Snowy's self-demonstrating dissertation on footnotes found here is really all that needs to be said on the matter.
• As per Goldfur's request, note that insuring something means you're getting an insurance policy for it. Ensuring something means you're guaranteeing it will happen.
• As Damaged has noted, effect and affect are two very different things. Effect is usually a noun (e.g. special effects) but effecting something is to cause it to happen. Affect is usually a verb (e.g. affected by climate change) but an affect is the expression of an emotion. (e.g. not happiness, but a smile.)
• By Ice Star's request, note that horses and ponies are not the same thing, and it's not just a matter of height. See here for the details.
• From Polychromatic, interest is usually piqued, not picked nor peaked. It can be both of the last two, technically, but usually that's not what you mean.
• And a Fimfiction user tip: When replying to comments in a multichapter story, you need to write your response on the same chapter as that comment. Just replying on the story index page will associate your comment with the last chapter in the table of contents, and the person you're replying to likely won't see it unless they're the story's author.

Any other common pitfalls you'd like to see here? Leave a comment!


Gathered Friendship: The FiCG Index · 6:08pm Nov 24th, 2014

One year ago today, I decided to share the cards I made of the Season 4 premiere. As such, this seems like the perfect time to provide a quick and easy way to access everything that's resulted since. The following is a hyperlinked rundown of every Friendship is Card Games blog, both those written and those yet to come. If you don't see something here, either I haven't gotten to it yet, or I've been a bit lazy in updating this particular blog. Feel free to yell at me about that if it isn't a

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ooh! ooh! while I :heart: your list, I suggest a little addition to your hair/fur thing :moustache:

In truth, horse hair is only called “hair” when it is off the horse… When it is on the horse, it is called their “coat”,

so I can't have furry ponies :fluttershysad: but at least they can have little coats

She grins and, leading me by the hoof, we step up onto the dance floor. Our coats vibrate to the bass.

Yeah, I hear he has terrible taste in which authors to spotlight. :raritywink:

I'd avoid that Loganberry bloke, to be honest. He sound like baaaaaad news. Really shifty guy. :trixieshiftright:

ooh, useful tips to go with the fun content! :pinkiehappy: (I've started going to check your page before writing stuff. like the pegasi armour thing)

I first came across you ages ago when I wrote a terrible CCG thing, but I've recently reconnected

I've started doing a lil reviewing, and reviewed loganberry recently, who you may have come across (if not, he is great!). Mostly I do silly smols like for your latest, but I also do deep dives and would be interested in your thoughts https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1038351/deep-dive-review-we-are-the-everfree-everfrees-trees-are-not-like-other-trees-by-loganberry-1k-word-deep-dives-and-author-recommendations-1

(my latest is a deep dive on another great contributor, Semillon... but you may prefer the Loganberry one)

  • Viewing 822 - 826 of 826
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Friendship is Card Games: Epic (Noun) Time · 12:13pm Sunday

Yeah, we’re dipping into the fandom archives for this one. Literally, given that the Alligator Tub Productions YouTube channel has renamed itself and wiped its content. But the Internet never forgets (except when it does) so let’s look at some classic fan animation and see how well it holds up.

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