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2416533 They ought to give him a prrrrrrrrrromotion!

It is just a pity they were forced to toss the babies out with the bathwater.
Ken Penders apparently holds the legal rights to all the characters and races he created.

The Echidnas were pretty neat with the whole technocratic civil war scenario they had.
A few of the "secret family members" Penders churned out where workable.

I miss the original Robotnik though. The one Jim Cummings voiced.
He had a pretty good backstory, and they continued to build on it despite the characters death.

I found another place with the Archie Sonic comics. Turns out, the new writers actually have a whole plotline where the new and old Sonic universes fused, so while the new versions are unaware, that minx computer thingy fuses them with the old memories. I also like how the writers are 'discreetly' shitting on the old version, like with Sonic commenting on King Acorn being jovial and selfless instead of bitter and mean. This is all I wanted, though. I'm satisfied.

So many tales I wish to regale you with, but what've you been up to lately?

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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