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Hope you are doing well, wherever you are. :twilightsmile:

Would you be willing to take a request?

Haven't seen you around much at all lately - It gives me more comfort than I'd expect to know you're still visiting the site, though.

I hope life is treating you and the family well, and know that I'd always be enthralled to see more words from you sometime, horse or not.

I like Spike (even if he's unnecessarily the butt of too many jokes in the show) but I don't really ship him with anyone; it's pretty clear he'd need some major growth before being on equal standing with Rarity, his relationship with Twilight is simultaneously vague and multi-faceted enough as it is, and he's firmly in the "dorky kid brother" camp for the rest of the Mane 6. I don't mind when he gets paired up with one of the CMC, and I do have some unconnected ideas about Sweetie Belle having a rush on him because he's exotic and has a sensitive side and whatever other silly checklist items she can glean out of Rarity's romantic criteria, while Spike is completely unaware of the whole thing.

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves!?!

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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