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It took Twilight a long time to build up the courage to ask Applejack out, but she finally did it. What she hadn't prepared for was the two of them triggering an Attunement, an incredibly rare magical reaction that unicorn fillies call 'True Love's Kiss.'

And the date was going so well, too.

(Takes place in late season 7, after Once Upon a Zeppelin but before Shadow Play)

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

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Ugh, now I'm feeling all sappy. But this wait was worth it, thanks Bats.

I still say Pinkie could pull that shit off with a particularly energetic high five.

Such a satisfying ending.

Twilight floated the lemon wedge out of her glass. She rubbed it along the rim, then squeezed the juice out over the water.

I don't think I have ever been as envious of unicorn magic as I was when I realized that she did this without messy fingers.

She was writing because of a problem she was having with his best friend.

Wrong pronoun there?

Thanks, good catch, don't know how the heck that made it through edits.

Very nice. I like the philosophical questions and discussions. Be interested in reading a sequel if you ever choose to write it.

It was so wholesome and lovely!

Romantic as :yay: and really interesting premise. Well earned favorite :twilightsmile:p

But book horse would DEFINITIVELY write a book on it, considering she experienced something with little to no data on. For SCIENCE!! :pinkiecrazy:

“How does anypony make a choice?”

Seeing the future, everything set in stone, isn't about not making a choice, Twi-Twi. It's being shown the results of the choices you'll have made for yourself. The only reason we think differently is because after we're shown the choices we'll make, we want to make new ones just as a fuck you to ourselves, or rather the personification of destiny, purely because (generally humans, other species shouldn't have to deal with this) of our own hubris, snatching back some control from something that never took it from us to begin with. And in doing so, we sabotage ourselves. Everything you saw is what was going to happen because it's how you would have wanted things to go.

Edit: Finished the chapter. Jeez man, come on. I didn't want to cry today.

... You missed a perfectly good opportunity to show us Applejack getting to feel what it was like being raised into adulthood by 'her' parents, in Night Light and Twilight Velvet. I can't tell if it's because that would have been an even bigger waterworks issue tacked onto the happysads you gave us last chapter, or what.

But thank you for this story, I mean it. I may be more of a Rarijack and Twilestia sort, but a heartwarming story is heartwarming, regardless of which camp you dug your trench in.

I second the sequel sentiment.

It could be about their last days, where both remember baking, laughing and going to sleep... They talk, and talk, and talk. They are't going to let these possibly last moments be wasted on a pie. Very high on the night tough, tireness wins, and they go to sleep for the last time.

And then, the day after, Twilight wakes, and sees Applejack at her side, unmoving. She freaks out internally. Is her love just resting? Or did Twilight escape fate's claws, while AJ left her behind? At the verge of tears, she hears a faint sound. Hopeful, but still worried, she slowly gets up. Just to be greeted with a loudass state of the art snore.



You know, this is one of the purest example of speculative fiction I've seen on this site - taking a single premise, examining and analyzing it and everything it means but not losing the human connection that makes that examination matter.

Very well done.

Wait it only has three chapters? Where is the rest? It was just starting to get great.

Wonderful story :twilightsmile:
Thanks for writing it.

Consider the True Love's First Kiss thing taken for my own ships. Too awesome to leave here.

Man, it's been way too long since I read a story here, but lots of adorable TwiJack and a neat hook is a great way to get back in the swing of things!

Oh. My. God. That was... Very impressive. The entire opening scene had me dieing, (and considering I was listening to it while driving meant that could have been literal). And the entire rest of it was extremely compelling. What made it so impressive was that you literally did this through pure character interactions, nothing but them having a conversation. "I was just worried that...I was overthinking things." Of course Twilight was over thinking things, you captured them both perfectly. Honestly, it made me a little disappointed when the weird stuff started happening. Them seeing all that stuff made me sad that I wasn't going to get to see them experiencing those things through your writing. But I'm definitely going to trust you know what you're doing for the time being. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Ah! A Bats TwiJack fic. Also known as Insta-favorited.

Gods dammit Bats why can you control my emotions better than I can :fluttercry:

I would just like to point out that "Magical Lesbian Spawn" is a thing on Derpibooru.

You ARE welcome! :twilightsmile:

Uh, thank... you? :rainbowderp:

Anyway, I know it doesn't matter, but I'm on team not actual future memories. The lines about not being able to know if Applejack took a title or not struck me as sufficient evidence.

My headcannon for this magic is it takes all their past memories up to the moment of the kiss and uses those plus their imagination to generate a series of future memories for each of them. Actually knowing the future seems like it should be impossible.

Love this fic! There's not a whole lot of Twijack, and it's nice when it pops up. Really like the opening particularly, and the overall premise regarding the potential future is great.

I featured this on episode 263 of my podcast, Pony 411.

Ok ahole. You literally made me feel the exact same thing as your characters, you don't have to spend an entire chapter bragging about it. Seriously though, that was an amazingly well created scene. I felt the emotions of the characters right along with them the whole time. And once again, it was purely through their dialog and interaction with each other. I think you really captured the characters well. Not sure what the next chapter will hold, but it seems epilog sized which I think is all the story needs at this point.

And a perfect cherry on top. Take your like, take your fav, take it all.

love the chapter.

i enjoyed how you relayed AJ's history and i didn't feel lost.
or was this only what twi saw?

but wouldn't a spastic twi teleport away from the issue?

Magnificent work. I especially love how persuasive the "Equestria's never threatened, so the memories can't be real" argument is. :rainbowlaugh: I can just imagine Twilight's frustration during the Pony of Shadows incident, Tempest's attack, Cozy's coup... None of that was on the schedule, darn it!

Lovely, thought-provoking Twijack from start to finish. Thank you for it.

Applejack stooped halfway down towards the barrel of apples and froze. She shot back up straight and a smile crossed her face, then she flinched and dug back into the apples. “Sure, Twi.”

And sold.

Seriously, I like romantic shenanigans as much as the next person, but it's so very refreshing to see this kind of thing start organically. It definitely gets crazier later, but starting a love story with someone being asked on a date...and then they just go on a date, that had me on board with this story right from the beginning.

She saw the apple orchard sprawling out in front of her in the dying light of the evening, lit up in tiny flashes by thousands of fireflies,

Nice reference to Spellbound Fireflies

Goddamn. This was a novel and clever idea, and the scenes were very touching and emotional, they felt real. Twilight sharing Applejack's memory of her mother back with her was intense. It's actually raining outside right now but that's no excuse, I teared up reading this chapter. Well done.


I like the way how the second chapter is similar to the first, but with premonition instead of just predictability. Well played, bats.


My headcannon for this magic is it takes all their past memories up to the moment of the kiss and uses those plus their imagination to generate a series of future memories for each of them.

... of how things could have played out had the kiss been a normal one.
So in a way, the attunement gives them that future back, if only as memories.
A suspiciously normal future, that even appears to not include the elements and alicornication affecting their ability to have a normal life. So in a way, this magical alteration at least gives them back their normal life in the form of memories.

Actually knowing the future seems like it should be impossible.

That future already became impossible when they got each other's past memories, even disregarding those of that future. This might even be the magic's way to make them get the hint and stay together, for whatever reason it has to do so.

Very well planned and executed, as expected. Enjoyed a lot, thanks for writing.

Reminded me of Nietzsche’s Eternal Return, less expected, but also enjoyable.

I admit I would love to see Cadence’s reaction to Twilight going through a rare love related phenomenon like attune mentioned.

I like how that turned out, in a lot of ways

She turned around and ran.

Honestly, that does seem like a pretty reasonable reaction after all that.

“As much as it feels like it, other pony’s feelings aren’t your responsibility, and you can’t take all of that on your shoulders just to try and protect them.”

“I know that in my head,” Applejack said. “But knowin’ it in my head and feelin’ it in my heart ain’t the same thing.”

This. This feels important.
I'm with Applejack on this one. Knowing something and acting according to that knowledge are two very different things.

I feel like there's a whole chorus of praise, and rightly so, but I'm the only one not singing along and being out of tune. I didn't tear up. I think my mind was simply too preoccupied for my heart to have a voice. See, I can follow along what Aurora said. I'm just not sure if I agree.

The second came with a wealth of familiarity and comfort, an entire life’s worth bundled together, sure-footed, confident, and totally natural.

That. Is. Terrifying.
Or rather, let me instead agree with Twilight and Applejack, one of their earlier statements: It's cruel.
I mean, they seemed to find a way to cope with this by the end of the chapter, but I just... I can't help think about it. I can't not think: What would it be like to be in that situation? For the first time in quite a while, I'm getting close to someone. I'm forcing myself to be open and vulnerable. And then I suddenly get imprinted all these memories that aren't mine. And a (possible?) future to boot.
That is 'I have no mouth yet I must scream'-cosmic levels of horror. For me, at least.
So many missed opportunities. I will never get to experience so much stuff. I will never figure out her sweet spots, because there's a chance I already know them. I will never gasp when she tells me that story about her foolish youth, because I already remember it. Memories are the past. They don't change. I know. And I cannot unlearn that. Sharing that first night won't be as thrilling to the point where nerves almost make me want to puke. Why would I forge a story about how I attempted to make breakfast for her and made just about all the wrong choices, something to laugh about later, when later memories already tell me how she likes her breakfast? There's no adventure, no exploration anymore. No first times. You could try to get that back by forcing other decisions, but will that really help?
And that future. I'm reminded of that moment with Doctor Strange scouring millions upon millions of possible futures to find the one where it all worked out. Is this vision just a possibility? Is it the 'legendary run, all achievements, no mess-ups'-possibility? Or a 'could be better, could be worse'-run-of-the-mill-possibility? Why would it show the latter? And if it shows the former... that's intimidating as all heck. I don't have the self-esteem and confidence to trust myself in 'getting there'. Now knowing about what is supposed to happen, or could happen, ideally, how am I supposed to live up to that?
How is having these picture-perfect memories, arguments and fights included, not supposed to make the prospect alluring of just... shutting down and basically 'living in those memories'?
I now feel all this stuff, remember all this stuff. Everything I know, everything I lived through, everything I remember informs my decisions, both consciously and subconsciously. How am I supposed to look into her eyes and trust myself when I make decisions now? I looked into those eyes in that manner for thousands of times over decades, yet I didn't. It influences my every thought. How could it not? It's there. It can't not be used. I don't have that much control over my mind to oust memories.
And if you try to move past this event, what then? I would constantly ask myself: Is this current timeline better or worse? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't help but compare. Again: Because it's there. This whole other timeline is there. A point of reference.
And thinking about this whole mess just... freaks me out. I know I'm supposed to be teary-eyed and really feel for them and I can see how I could be, if only that scenario didn't weigh down on my mind with all its implications and questions.
Goodness, this is scary.
And I'm probably overthinking this.

But hey, at least I agree with Wydril. It's "a novel and clever idea".

It's a really good story. I'm not... I probably didn't make that clear with my last comment. It is really, really good. And I enjoyed it, despite freaking out. (Actually, the whole 'how do I feel about Apple Bloom' added another layer on top: Foreign memories muddying my own sense of self and therefore causing an identity crisis. Yay, go me.)
And I realized that it doesn't even matter if these 'future memories' were real or not. Because it can't be proven either way. Which basically means 'they are what you make of them'. So an insecure, pessimistic being like me would obviously end up freaking out. Makes perfect sense. And someone like, well, them... might be able to find a better perspective on things. It's really enviable.

Either way, you gave me a few hours of enjoyable reading time and something to feed my notoriously skittish brain.

Thank you for writing!

Glad you enjoyed it! And in regards to finding the scary in what happened to them, Twilight definitely found the scary part, too. I don't find what happened to them to be particularly comforting or nice, either, it's at best very jarring and disruptive, at worst it's an existential nightmare of free will and stolen opportunities. Depending on what actually happened to them, anyway. Twilight sees the existential terror of it, but Applejack thinks in a manner that's different from her, and helped her find the different angle on how to view things, which is something Applejack is able to do for Twilight in many cases and is one of the reasons they can make for a very strong couple.

Personally, I definitely wouldn't want to experience an attunement, either, even if I'd happily share everything with my partner. But, if it did happen and I needed to cope and learn to live and move on from it with her, I'd do my best to try and frame it for myself as getting another 50 years, too. It isn't so bad to me "missing out" on learning how to get comfortable and close with a partner if I can remember doing that before. It isn't really different from how I am with my partner now, I just got those memories by living with her for a while, rather than a whole extra lifetime getting shoved into my head. Viewing it as getting a second time around is at least a little comforting to me. I get how it wouldn't be comforting to everyone, though. If True Love's Kiss wasn't at least a little scary, they're wouldn't be a story to tell.

I mean... it fits. Many have these associations with 'I feel close to Fluttershy'/'I feel like a Twilight'/'I relate to Rainbow the most'/whatever. In that regard, I've always flip-flopped between Twilight and Fluttershy, so that checks out. I envy AJs ability, in that regard. To think and see differently. And more to the point, I envy Twilight because she has AJ, and not only that, but trusts her enough to allow herself to switch lanes.
I'm honestly not sure if I would be capable of enough trust to accept a different stance of view, even if it were presented to me by someone so close. I usually feel like my mind's just a conductorless train barreling through the landscape, with no real means of stopping or controlling direction. But maybe that's the point (or at least another one) - she has that trust. It might be more of a general thing with her friendships, I can see others getting through to her as well, given time and effort. Applejack might just have an easier time than the others because, well, she's more grounded, I guess. In a way, she really fits that 'second in command'-position well, due to how well she works with Twi. On many levels.
Aaand I'm rambling. This was just a roundabout way of saying: Hey, I agree.

It isn't really different from how I am with my partner now, I just got those memories by living with her for a while, rather than a whole extra lifetime getting shoved into my head. Viewing it as getting a second time around is at least a little comforting to me. I get how it wouldn't be comforting to everyone, though. If True Love's Kiss wasn't at least a little scary, they're wouldn't be a story to tell.

I mean... I get where you're coming from. I think. But at the same time, isn't that part of the issue: 'I got those memories by living with her for a while'. Just, with an attunement, you don't really get that 'while'. First kiss, boom, magic happens. I don't know. I see the appeal in taking on that point of view, I just... couldn't, I think?
Doesn't make the story any less enjoyable, mind you.

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