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Twilight's plans for a sleepover are tested when most of her guests have to cancel, but Applejack convinces her they can have fun together with just each other's company. Twilight's not used to giving up control, but sometimes going with the flow can open up a world of new experiences.

Editing by warlord487.

A (belated) birthday present for bookplayer.

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Awesome artwork as always. :)

I can see you enjoyed this...

Seems to be a rather wonderful gift for an excellent author, too.

Nice work, boss.


~Skeeter The Lurker

Wow, that was such a cute story :rainbowkiss:
It's nice to see some TwiJack from you
and yeah, I agree ; there is something about TwiJack that just... Works :twilightsmile:

TwiJack likeability meter: One yay, two sweeties, and two mustaches. :yay::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::moustache::moustache:
Giving this a fav.

Thaaaat... was adorable. :rainbowkiss:

And excellent points on the whole Flash thing. That's pretty much how I see this entire thing going.

This is beautiful. I love it, all of it. My favorite part is that Applejack won the pillowfight. I have no idea why that's my favorite part (yes I do, it's because I love AJ being a badass) but that in no way means that the rest of it wasn't amazing. In fact, my other favorite part was AJ waking up in the morning. Actually, I think I have a lot of favorite parts of this. I'll have to fave the whole thing.

Thank you, bats. I have the best friends.

Wonderful, I think any ship you write just works, or maybe you're good at picking great ships? Nah it's you and your amazing writing skills.

As much of a fan of Twilestia as I am, there is always something really special about Twijack. And this may be the best one yet. Kinda sad it's just a one-shot.
It'd be awesome to see the date.

...now I really want to make some eggs with toast.

Mmm, toast.

For a moment I read this as 'Rolling with the Peaches'.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?:raritycry:

Okay I love this story for a very simple reason. A strange reason sure but a simple one. Its' handling of Flash. The are to seperate beings. Human Flash and Pony Flash arn't the same being. I'm finally glad someone else used that..

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Ugh, downvoted for using original cover art in a bid to lure the weak minded into viewing and upvoting your story in a grab for the box.
10 people fooled by obvious trolling and counting.

This was supremely cute from start to finish, and definitely the best pillow fight I've ever read :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

If we are a fleet of shippers, bats is our admiral! :trollestia: :yay:

Come on now, don't start that again :ajbemused:


Rabble rabble rabble, mudpony agenda, frothing, srs haet.


I would love to actually see there date or the other cast members reactions to it. But I know that there are many authors that actually know how to finish a fic instead of letting it continue long after it should.

Whelp it's official thanks to bats and Jake I'm now a TwiJack fan.:twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Sorry. I like everything a lot, except the final line. It's just underwhelming. It may be because it feels like a mix of AJ's and Twilight's dialogue styles. It would feel less jarring if 'rolling with the punches' was quoted? Or reworded, but I can see why you wouldn't want to do that.

wonderful. And it left me wanting more.


TwiJack bar raised another notch just now. :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

There are no words, only hnnnnnnnngs. :heart:

Wait, bats posted a thing that actually showed up in my feed? It's been a while.

You just made this cynical prick feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Well done!

3998798 My thoughts exactly. :twilightblush:

Yay! More bats!! (I'm not sure that I'll ever be convinced that anything can rival TwiDash as the OTP, but if anyone one could do it, it'd be bats.) This was so cute and so well written! I love the thoughtful approach to Flash, too.

Part of her wanted to grab some paper and write out a conversation tree, but she shoved those thoughts away as hard as she could.

Twilight, get out of my mind. :facehoof:

This was really adorable. I liked the long sections of inane banter between the two of them; it really made the easy-going nature of their relationship real. TwiDash will always be my favorite ship, but you do keep making these convincing arguments for TwiJack.

I was expecting some sex in here. I prefer stories like this without sex. You made my night!

:derpyderp2: But bats, isn't your thing TwiDa-
:rainbowkiss: TwiJack is the Sun to my Celestia...
:raritydespair: We've lost him, guys! DNR! DNR!:raritycry:
The Incredibly Dashing And Suave TwiJack strikes again!
Oh my gods, yes. All of my yes. I should write another peachfic.:trixieshiftright:
Absolutely nothing is wrong.
Let the peaches into your life...

This was brilliant and sweet, felt like a genuine start of a cute little relationship rather than "Author thinks this is hawt so it is so!"

Up vote and faved!

This is decidedly one of the most realistically written romances between two talking magic horse girls I've ever read. But super srs, story's sweet and completely engaging. It was wonderful to read, bats.

So thanks for that.

You know I've never been one for TwiJack before though I have seen it around here and there a few times. But you're right. There is just something about these two. :twilightsmile::ajsmug: This story makes a good argument. I liked also though the inclusion of how Twilight's relationship with Flash Sentry fell apart. It was very reasonable why it just wouldn't work. (And FlashLight is one of my OTPs.) The only problem I see here is that the revelation that Twilight is attracted to Applejack comes almost completely out of nowhere. But I can't help but feel that it was supposed to be surprising given that Applejack was so taken by surprise by it. But this was still a nice little story. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Apparently Twilight likes orange ponies :twilightoops:


Well, now. It's bad enough Jondor and bookplayer have managed to sell me on TwiJack hard enough it knocked over Twixie as a top preferred Twiship, but you seem determined to supplant Twinkie as my OTP. Stop it.

...I am now imagining AJ and Pinkie fighting over Twilight. I hope you're happy.

Oh you~ :trollestia:

Dude I don't even like TwiJack and this is awesome

Damnit, I'm starting to really love this ship

Dammit bats, why you gots to be so awesome?


Damn you, bats, you did again something awesome.

I'll be honest: when I read Flash's name for the first time in this story, my mental reaction was "Noooo, why are you here, creature from Heeeeell?". But, after that, I was still reading I found amazing how did you treated Wwilight and Flash relationship in both worlds. Simply awesome, I can't think that anypony could do it better.

The way you showed how Twilight and Applejack interacted was glorious. No doubt. I swear that if I coould follow you more than once, this story is a good reason to do it.

I have always loved your stories and now that you are doing Twijack, my OTP..., im all the more exited to see what you have for us in the near and far future! :pinkiehappy:
...now all i need is for someone to make a good Twijack adventure story...:rainbowkiss:
...rare they are...
pleas keep up the amazing work! :twilightsheepish:


Funny you should mention that combo... :raritywink:


im so excited that i dont have words at this moment... but i can NOT wait for whatever you have in store for us!!

PS: ...that was possibly the fastest i ever seen anyone respond to a message...


Insta-notifications are neat. :pinkiehappy:

I have no words for the respond time that you have demonstrated, along with the broken mind that I have obtained from the wonderful news that you may be writing something... something that I have oh so... will be patiently waiting for! :pinkiecrazy: :heart:

This is an excellent story. The way you broke down Twilight and Flash's relationship is very believable. Also, Applejack being absolutely badass during the pillow fight was great.:ajsmug:

That is... probably one of the single most realistic depictions of how I could see a relationship like this forming that I've read to date on this site... bravissimo!

Well, you know, once you go orange...

4001586 I DEFY you to find a proper ending for that.

4001704 4001586

"Your legs'll spread like a door-hinge."

Eh? Ehhhh?

The bastards who downvoted this are on my list,

I don't ship these two, but I still love it!

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