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Rainbow Dash is nothing if not an enthusiastic coach and teacher, but her winning smile isn't the reason Twilight asked her for flying lessons.

Okay... maybe it is... but only a little bit.

Still, looking isn't touching. It's not like Applejack could get mad if all Twilight wants is to spend a little time with her marefriend, could she?

Written as my entry into the AppleDashLight group's contest.

As always, pre-reading and editing assistance by the amazing Karrakaz and Steel Resolve.

Cover art by Johnjoseco over at DeviantArt.

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So an AppleDash to begin with, and Twi has the hots for Rainbow?

...More stories to read <.< bleh

I like the sound of this! Will read as soon as I can.

Ooh, drama!

This is an interesting take on the relationship. Applejack seems a bit quick to be suspicious about things, but as she said, she was tired, and people/ponies aren't always themselves on little sleep. On the one hand I love Appledash, and on the other I feel really bad for Twilight. Obviously she probably logically knew that Dash didn't like her like that (cuz, you know, she's dating someone else) but knowing something in your head and actually hearing it spoken are two very different things.

I'm quite interested in seeing where you take this, how you might make things work or not work. All in all, great start, and I eagerly await the next bit whenever it's ready. :twilightsmile:

I do enjoy AppleDashLight, and this, so far, is shaping up to be pretty good. I liked the setup, characterization is good, and overall enjoyable writing. Didn't notice any erroneous errors, but i also wasn't really looking for them. A favorite, upvote, and moustache for you good sir. :moustache:

Now go write me a second chapter. :ajsmug:

I love this story. Obviously, some one's going to end up hurt, and that sucks, but I hope it works out in the end. :unsuresweetie:

I'll definitely be excited to see ore of this in the future. :pinkiesmile:

4001376 Is having more stories to read a bad thing?

4001464 It's actually all ready and waiting to go. I wrote this story for the AppleDashLight group's contest, and the initial deadline was March 1st, so I wanted it ready by then.

4001624 As stated above, already done. But I'm going to wait a little bit between releasing each chapter (not too long, a week, tops) to give me some time to get work done on a chapter for my other story, Unexpected Confessions.

I'm glad to see everyone enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Nah... but I have over 40 in my RL xD

great start, i wonder when Twilight starts to fly around alone ...

Oh you and your silly ponies crushing on ponies who are already taken. :trollestia:

“Well, maybe one the way in we can swing by the barn and Ah can show ya just how much… fun Ah can be.”

You probably meant to say, "Well, maybe on the way...

While she had been higher that they were, she still wasn’t used to, or comfortable with, it being so distressingly far away.

"higher than they were..."

It’s something you only do to pony’s you like… like, really like… in a serious, romantic way.

"It's something you only do to ponies you like..."

P.S. - "Feathermarking" :pinkiegasp: Hm, I'm noticing a reference there...

Twilight, you bitch! Leave AJ's mare alone! You're being the un-friendiest of ponies right now.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

4003515 twidash is only tru ship

You just ship all characters into a giant ball of romance hu? Love unexpected confessions, looking forward to more of this XD

4003459 Thanks for pointing those out. Amazing how you can miss things like that after a dozen times reading it.

......*Sips a shot of vodka* Well umm....*Takes seven more shots* Time for trolls!!! This is the worst ship ever I hate the fact that people have been shipping all these ponies gay when they are obviously not! As much as I despise the fact that these obviously straight ponies are being shipped like that I can only support Lyra and Bon Bon for some reason but I still hate this fact! This was a little girl's show but now look where it has brought us! To the point where I will write this faggoty comment to troll you so you can reply to my comments and replies over and over until I pass out on my bed! :flutterrage: THESE ARE BUCKING STRAIGHT PONIES! :twilightangry2: *2 hours later* I am barely sorry for what I just said! All I can say is that congratulations for shipping rivals who are obviously straight with each other and somehow making it into the popular section. :trollestia: (But seriously this was just a longwinded comment to get me to unwind with this shipping ponies who are obviously not gay with each other. DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!)

4004027I I... I have no idea what just happened. Am... Am I supposed to take that seriously, or not?


Of course, there wouldn't be a STORY to speak of if she heeded such advice. I think AppledashLight might be my favorite Three way relationship.

4003917 TwiDash is best ship, but not only true ship. In the hands of a skilled captain, any ship can be made seaworthy.

4004228 There could still be a story if Twilight attempted to go about what she's doing in a way that wouldn't make her the bad guy. There's something to be said for honesty when the mare you want is dating the element of honesty.

I'm not saying the story is bad for having Twilight act this way, I'm saying the character provoked an emotional response from me.

Ehhhh, I dunno Dian. This might be favorite character syndrome talking but I'm not super fond of Twilight here... Seems a touch out of character.

Not to mention some kinda odd flashbacks to "Then Tomorrow Came" in a few places.

Interesting, but it just seems absolutely un-Twilight to pretend to be bad at something. She may try to humbly downplay her talents like in Boast Busters, but the concept of faking incompetence would be just plain unthinkable.

Romance, here i come!

I have to say, this is pretty impressive so far. I can't wait to see how this all plays out, and who will end up hurt. The element of Loyalty must choose to be loyal to one pony or the other...

4004167 Yeah... somewhat unfortunately, Pinkie isn't even in the story. :pinkiesad2: Sorry, Pinks.

4004802 Out of character in what way? Also, I've never read (or even heard of) "Then Tomorrow Came," so any similarities are completely coincidental.

4005071 True... unless she had a reason to do it.

Wasn't Twilght aware of the preexisting relationship between Featherbrain and Applebutt?`If so that'd be... unusually imperceptive of her.

.. if not she's a cunt.

4005466 Between the 'Chapter 1' title and the story being marked 'incomplete'... yes, there will be more.

Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

aw damn... poor twilight!

Bookmarking for excellent use of title and cover image. Some of the best I've ever seen. Also because the chemistry between these three makes me squee.

Please finish Unexpected Confessions one day too.

I wan to know what saviatio is now.

4006170 Don't worry, you'll find out... Just not for another couple chapters.

4005962 I've already started on the next chapter of UC. And, not to give too much away, we'll also be seeing another entry into It Takes Three to Tango, if you're following that as well.


*sips tea*


4004086 Don't take it seriously. Just need to unwind to the bullshit of shipping straight ponies into gay ones. :ajbemused:

4007115 How do you know that they're straight? The only one that has shown any romantic/relationship interest in either sex is Rarity, who has crushed on Blueblood and now (slight S4 spoilers) Trenderhoof. Even then you can't call Rarity purely 'straight' because she hasn't shown dislike for females. The best you can do is say she's possibly bisexual.

Plus, almost the entirety of the main cast is female, so lesbian shipping has to happen. The only semi-main cast members who are male are Big Mac and Shining Armor, so any straight shipping has to be done with them (excluding AJ and Twilight, respectively), or use a background/OC character.

Are you gonna work on the next chapter soon?! Are you working on it now? :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild: I CHECK THIS STORY EVERY TIME I GO ON THE COMPUTER TO SEE IF IT'S UPDATED :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

4005420 Twilight having herself a freakout makes sense to me. The lying and manipulation doesn't make much sense to me.

4007279 It's kind of obvious when you see it in my mind but I'm too bored to give a shit right now. :coolphoto:


Opp- Opp- Opp- Opp opinion time!

4008067 Yay. Ship Rainbowdash with Soarin would ya'. :trixieshiftleft:

4007742 As I stated in an earlier comment, I've finished writing the story. It's done and ready to go, but I'm going to wait a little bit between releasing chapters. Not too long, though. I'll probably put out the window extra one either tomorrow or the next day.

I can see Twilight going glowey-eyed rage mode at some point, blasting things with pure magical power rivaling or even surpassing that of Celestia...

4008119 There's no more basis for SoarinDash than any intra-mane six shipping. Up until recently, the full extent of their interactions together had consisted of Dash saving Soarin's pie. Even after Rainbow Falls, they showed no interest in one another other than Soarin' being a Wonderbolt and Dash liking the Wonderbolts.


But Soarin is totally into Pinkie's pie! if you know what I mean :trollestia:

4008695 Yes I do and I highly disagree. :ajbemused:


Give me proof that RD isn't a lesbian. And also give me proof that she is straight. If you don't have proof, at least tell me why you think she is not a lesbian. :ajsmug:


I didn't quite understand that because I no brain today :pinkiecrazy:

Are there going to be more chapters or not? :twistnerd::unsuresweetie::derpyderp2:

4008806 Yes. The rest of the story is already written.


OHHHHH. Thanks for making that clear! :ajsmug:


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