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Rainbow Dash is nothing if not an enthusiastic coach and teacher, but her winning smile isn't the reason Twilight asked her for flying lessons.

Okay... maybe it is... but only a little bit.

Still, looking isn't touching. It's not like Applejack could get mad if all Twilight wants is to spend a little time with her marefriend, could she?

Written as my entry into the AppleDashLight group's contest.

As always, pre-reading and editing assistance by the amazing Karrakaz and Steel Resolve.

Cover art by Johnjoseco over at DeviantArt.

Chapters (4)

Could I have seen this coming? Perhaps not, but maybe... maybe I should have. Now, I can only ask myself if I'm strong enough to let you go.

Pre-reading and editing assistance provided by the wonderful Steel Resolve and Karrakaz.
Cover art provided by Jondor.

Chapters (1)

Love, like friendship, is all about supporting those close to you as they try to achieve their dreams. However, what do you do when, as the dream gets closer, your loved one drifts away?

Many, many thanks go out to my pre-readers/editors: Steel Resolve and Karrakaz. Also, a special shout-out to Tchernobog for help and consultation on the finer points of pegasi wing interaction.

Cover image by and used with permission from Tartii over at Deviant Art.

Chapters (4)

Holding in emotions is never good. Keep them buried for too long, and eventually they burst out at the wrong time. Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash have a secret they have been hiding from their friends, specifically from a certain shy, animal-loving pegasus mare. They've finally decided to come clean, but neither of them counted on the other revealing the truth, much less at the same time.

Now Fluttershy is stuck with an impossible choice between her two best friends. Can she choose one without risking her friendship with the other?

"Sex" tag due to innuendo and suggestive material. No actual sex happens in this story.

Author's Note: Many, many thanks to Steel Resolve and Karrakaz for pre-reading and letting me know when I screw up. Now with new cover art, courtesy of johnhilist over at deviantart.

Chapters (33)

Not all scars are visible. Fluttershy was the object of countless jokes and taunts aimed at her aerial ineptitude and her close relationship with Rainbow Dash during flight school. Even now, years removed from the fillyhood traumas of her past, Ponyville's resident animal expert feels the effects. She tried to build walls to keep all of the memories at bay, but now those walls are a little too close for comfort.

Chapters (12)
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