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Twilight Sparkle is lonely. She didn’t realise it for the longest time, but when she met her friends, she began to understand she was lacking something in her life. Over time, she further understood that friendship was not all there was to knowing other ponies. And every year, a particular day comes around and reminds her of her romantic situation.

Even now that she's a princess, Hearts and Hooves day manages to remind Twilight that, once again, she is without a very special somepony. But, unbeknownst to her and those that will be involved, the end of this Hearts and Hooves day will herald the start of something wonderful for the new alicorn. Something strange and altogether new.

In fact, one could go so far as to say it will be quite curious.


Written for the 2014 AppleDashLight competition.
3rd place! Woohoo!

Cover image used with the kind permission of RatofDrawn.

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Technicolor horses, well that's a new one if I ever heard one.

how did you know i have a technicolor horse in my house?!

4003836 Originality? In my author's notes? Not likely! :rainbowlaugh:

4004659 I see all. Yes, even that, you naughty boy.

Meh, well hon we've all got some originality whether we know it or not.:ajsmug:

I'm not even out of the intro yet, and it's already blindingly obvious that it's just one giant riff on The Stanley Parable. So, here's hoping the rest of the fic lives up to the expectations set by that. :derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

Also, congratulations. You've made me stop reading in the middle of a chapter to comment; this is the first time I've ever done so. Good job. :twistnerd:

4007672 Haha...er, I'm sorry to say that TSP references end in the intro. I did decide to keep it third person perspective with Twilight as a sort of homage, if you will, but other than that intro, the story is fairly traditional. Sorry to disappoint.

Glad someone got the reference so quickly, though. :twilightsmile:

4007686 Well, that's a bit disappointing, but I'm enjoying the rest so far. I would like to see a story narrated entirely in the TSP style, though; I'm a bit surprised that this is the first one I've come across which has done so at all.

And actually, I'm kinda more surprised that no one else got it before I did, TSP is an amazing game with amazing narration, bound to stick with anyone who has played it or even just seen videos (as in my case). :yay:

4007703 You see it on sale, buy it. It's well worth the money. Especially if you're reasonably well into your games.

I was thinking about making the entire story TSP style, but in the end, it worked out to be too much work for a competition entry, so I compromised. Maybe in the future for something else...

4007720 I'd already have it if I had the money to spare, believe me. :twilightangry2::raritydespair:

If you ever do a story like that, I'll love you forever! :rainbowkiss:

Also, this is totally just my exposure to the Winningverse talking, but I keep wanting to rephrase the title to "The Curious Love Life of Twilight Sparkle". :rainbowwild:

4007786 I actually thought of naming it that, but it seemed way too...generic, if you see what I mean. I'm not looking down on that kind of titling in any way, but I've seen a few fics titled "Curious this" and "Curious that" and didn't want to blend in.

4007797 I understand, and don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing your title or anything. That's just been my reflex every time I've seen it. :twilightsheepish:

4007811 Don't worry, it wasn't taken as such. :twilightsmile:

It's still better than my original title, though, which was going to be "The Curious Case of Princess Twilight and her two marefiends", in a reference to "The Curious Case of the dog in the night-time", but it's way too much of a mouthful and implies things that just aren't there.

4007811 Well, for it to really be a Winningverse title, it would have to be "The Incredibly Curious Love Life of a... Sparkling Twilight? A Twilighting Princess?"

Yeah, that one... got away from me there at the end.

4011075 I know, I'm just not creative enough to think up an appropriate title. :rainbowwild:

Ha! My technicolored ponies remain unchecked!

4070252 Damn you! Leash those animals at once! Quickly! Before they escape!

4070261 NEVER!
They shall run free! Free as plankton, floating through the vast expanse of the ocean!

4070278 Noooooo! They'll drown!

Looking good so far :twilightsmile:
Will be keeping taps on this, because this is rather enjoyable so far.:raritywink:

4081262 It just got even better, I just released edits to chapter 1!

I know, right? Shocking.

4081519 Don't suppose you could post a summary of the more significant changes, so people won't have to reread the chapter if they don't want to? (I probably will regardless, but if I do it won't be until you release the next chapter or so.)

4089606 I didn't keep a changelog, unfortunately, so that's not likely.

IIRC; most of it was for brevity's sake. Cutting out unnecessary lines here, better wording there, that sort of thing. Some stuff was added for detail's sake, along with a few hundred words towards the end to bring it over the 5k word minimum for the competition. There was also a lot of stuff changed because of ye olde "show and not tell" rule, despite my efforts, there was a lot of tell and not show.

4090500 Aah, fair enough. It sounds improved regardless, and I'm looking forward to future chapters. :twilightsmile:

4092243 Glad to hear it.

Updates will happen on a "as they're ready schedule, as I prefer to write without any sort of pressure to do so. The last time I was under a deadline to finish, the quality of the end product was, shall we say, compromised.

4093675 That's fine; you shouldn't rush on my (or anyone else's, for that matter) account. I've plenty else to distract myself with until such time as you release more. :twistnerd:

4100076 That said, I will endeavour to get it out in a reasonable time-frame, so don't expect massive delays. Just don't be surprised if a few weeks pass between chapters.

4100940 A few weeks is nothing, don't worry. I've waited months for updates before, and have read more than one incomplete story with no expectation of ever seeing more chapters.

I loved realizing that the chapter started out in the style of TSP, and from there on I read the rest of it in the narrator's voice. Great start!

4214228 Yes!


I was hoping it would do that to someone! :pinkiehappy:

Congrats man(universal term), was it hard to ship three ponies at once, well, I mean, obviously not for you, 'cause you got third place, and, um...I'm going to stop talking now.

I liked the first chapter a lot. but chapter 2 seemed to be a flop, and incredibly short,

Now this was like 100 times better then chapter 2. Keep up the great work!

I can't wait until RD comes on in. When's the next chapter out? :ajsmug::heart::rainbowlaugh::heart::twilightblush:

Oh wow this looks like it's gonna be a long one. Awesome!

hmm it went a bit down from the first chapter but it was still enjoyable.
still not as bad as me.

Well that was just adorable and relay well written good job on that mate.

I have now decided I really like the TwiJack ship

hmm... i like this, but i like more, just twi and dash, nopony more :applejackunsure:
but, this is good :twilightsmile:

i cannot wait to see how this all plays out!

4513688 Thank you. :twilightsmile:
I've not actually gotten around to Dash, yet, so we have yet to see on that one. :twilightsheepish:

4513899 It is an interim chapter. What, exactly, makes you feel it "flops"? I am genuinely interested. :rainbowhuh:

4515008 Same to you as above. What didn't you like about it?

4514423 I don't have, or work to, a release schedule. I prefer to take my time and release chapters as and when they're ready, that way I know I'm getting something of quality out there. Basically, expect each chapter as their notification lands in your inbox. :twilightsmile:

4514468 4515692 4515898 4516539 Glad you all enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

4517557 I assure you, your story is my favorite of all that I have read of aj, twi and dash together

Gah! Hnngh! *flatline*

So cute. Love it! This is absolutely adorable. The way you're portraying Twilight and AJ, just perfect. Onward!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!


Really that face sums everything up for me. I'll be keeping an eye on this, for sure.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

4613761 Excellent, glad you liked it. Keep watching this space. :twilightsmile:

More please. :twilightsmile:

4678500 Oh don't worry, you'll get more... I just have to, you know, write it. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

Your fuuuuny!

NOW WRITE IT! :flutterrage:

Just kidding :pinkiecrazy:

This is just so amazingly cute. Following this fic with heavy interest now.

Oh I like this. I do hope you update soon - I notice there's a decent gap between the first chapter and the other two, so I'm going to go ahead and assume this hasn't been abandoned. Please be right, please be right...

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