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Shadow of the Damned

I love the dark and gloom. The damned will be consumed by shadows soon enough.

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Hey all i am 17 and am writing a series of Novels. I am on here to post fan fiction Shorts kinda like one-offs of the story. They are men't to be stupid, funny and Outrageous. In this case I win and you can't say that I did a bad job. I'm not on often so have fun.

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Wow. That was fast.

Thanks for favoriting Diary of an Aspiring Tyrant!

1103352 No problamo My friend. You have a talent I wish to master someday.

Thank you for the favorite of "Those Who Hunt." I'm glad you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

y u follow meh:rainbowderp:

Thanks for following. It's always appreciated.

Why did you follow me?

Thx 4 teh stopwatcher, I gauss.:rainbowlaugh:

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