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The place where all works of fiction are appreciated and accepted. No discrimination here, just fun times of reading all around. We have a wide selection of stories to choose from. Any story you could possible think's here...okay maybe not every story...hell this place only has fics. But never the less, this is dedicated to all you readers out there raring for a good story. Whether it has my approval or somepony elses. Fimfiction is your oyster, enjoy (responsibly). And listen to happy...he might ask something from you from time to time...keep an eye out:raritywink:

Sorry had to:fluttershbad:

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396623 That was funny. :twilightsheepish:

396432 Thank you :twilightsmile:. Sorry I wanted to say something funny but I could not think of anything that would not make me sound like an a:yay:hole
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