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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...

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Stream Over: Updates posted · 1:10am Feb 24th, 2022

Thanks to anyone who actually showed up.

I did NOT get the money I needed, but I did get a contribution, so thanks for that... *sighs*

Hey, if nothing else, I managed to get two of my stories updated. That's something, right? Friendship is G.I. and Waking Nightmares: Remix Heart both got updated.

Not bad for 6 hours of work, eh?

I'll be trying again with a NSFW stream around the same time tomorrow...

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all the words in [caps] [[aren't]] me yelling they are just there to make a point, dude [no offence] I went on the stream, but I WASN'T going to SIGN UP an account to 'try' to talk to you on there, also you were FALLING ASLEEP [[WHILE]] you were on there, I'm surprised you were EVEN ABLE to get a whole lot done it the first place

AND I still have ONE question: are you [[eventually]] going update ((Waking Nightmares: Magic Lives)) like with in 1 or 2yrs, because it's REALLY GOOD, PLLEEAASSEE don't abandon such a great story, that is my only humble sincere REQUEST, please and thank you.

I will be streaming on Twitch on Wednesday at 2PM Eastern standard time, writing for Waking Nightmares: Remix Heart and Friendship is G.I. The stream will last until 8PM EST

I will answer questions through voice chat.

The goal of the chat is to raise money via donations, 250 dollars at the bare minimum, so I can pay my bills for at least this month.

I hope to see you there. Here is the link.

  • Viewing 302 - 306 of 306
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