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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...

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I don't like Cozy Glow · 4:18am September 27th

I don't.

I think she's a little monster.

I think sending her to Tartarus was fine.

I think Chryssi and Tirek have a better chance of being redeemed than she does.

Cozy... bothers me in ways I cannot fully explain. I see all these fics attempting to redeem her, and all I can imagine is the writers hugging her and then she stabs them in the back. And once they're down, she starts stabbing them over and over while laughing like a lunatic.

I don't like Cozy Glow.

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Could I make a sequel to "Context?" It will be based on Sawtooth's most recent theory video.


Thank you for the favorite on My Little Pokemon

Are you ever going to continue "Discords new business"?

It's been un-updated for a while now. :fluttershysad:

Terrible, terrible news...
Rick May, the voice of Solider, has passed away from COVID-19. He was recovering from a heart attack and was fighting throat cancer at the same time. (Also has a stroke as well)
Tis a sad, sad day...

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

  • Viewing 294 - 298 of 298
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