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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...


One fine morning, Spike woke up early and ran some errands. Then he found Discord putting up a seller's stand, apparently ready to open his own business. One which offers a one-day transformation into anything the user wants. And he apparently had the patience to set up his shop LEGALLY. Twilight and the others brace themselves for the inevitable...

(Content of future chapters controlled by user votes!) (Now with Tropes!)

Now with a 'dramatic' reading: Prologue

Current poll: The transformation is chosen already (Tatzlpony!) You pick who becomes the Tatzlpony! (Voting ends 6/25 at 5PM EST)
Previous poll: The Cutie Mark Crusaders (63 votes out of 390) and Age Manipulation (83 votes out of 392) won
Previous poll: Sunset Shimmer (transformation error won with 83 votes out of 325)
Previous poll: Princess Celestia (85 votes out of 397) and Seapony/Siren (104 votes out of 421) won
Previous poll: Trixie (86 votes out of 357) and Alicorn (90 votes out of 338) won
Previous poll: Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee (genderswap won with 199 votes out of 381)
Previous poll: Princess Luna (zebra won with 85 votes out of 368)
Previous poll: Rainbow Dash (griffon won with 274 votes out of 596!!!)
Previous poll: Rarity (diamond dog won with 184 votes out of 444!!!)
Previous poll: Starlight Glimmer (changeling royal (Chrysalis-type) won with 74 votes out of 257)
Previous poll: Pinkie Pie (alicorn won with 80 votes out 282)
Previous poll: Spike (unicorn won with 60 votes out of 225)
Previous poll: Applejack (minotaur won with 56 votes out of 254)
Previous poll: Fluttershy (draconequus won with 75 votes out of 181)

(Voting closes after a week from the posting of the current chapter)

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Rainbow turns into a griffon to see what meat tastes like. After she changes back, she still craves it.

Twilight's horn flared, crushing the recording device. Discord cackled.

"I already have copies back home. I have you saying I'm right on eight-track, cassette, CD, MP3, and wax cylinder."

In any case, this seems like it's going to be quite fun. Especially if the option I voted for wins.

Colgate asks to become a walking, talking toothbrush. Choose what happens.

One Day transformations? But that's boring.

oh you're giving us the choice to make Fluttershy literally anything?

pfffffffffff yas

I voted alicorn xD

8011194 He had to make them one day. It's the only way he could get his business license and not have the Princesses on his case.

Spike becomes a Unicorn for Rarity-related reasons, and Pinkie becomes a Draconequus (Because why not?).


But if it's explicitly what they want of their own free will...

This is a good story (and I like how Discord uses legality to annoy Twilight). Maybe for Fluttershy's next transformation, you could make her a deer or something around those lines.

Also, Fluttershy's time as a tree must be similar to Discord's statue experience.


It may sound boring, but hey, it's better than nothing. And besides, if you want to be transformed for longer, you could always pay extra or something.

8011215 You've given me an idea for a possible follow up to this once the main chapters are over...

I'm hoping for at least one moment where someone miss says what they want and gets turned into something funny even if its only for a little bit before discord lets them make their real request, also have granny smith transform into her younger self and let her have some fun, possibly with the CMC. And speaking of them Scootaloo probably would want to be rainbow dash.

Fluttershy becomes an Ursa Major.

I vote for Fluttershy as an earth pony or a tree.

Rainbow griffon!

How I expected the story to go after Discord gave them all a free transformation

“All eight of you get to turn into whatever you want for a day, completely for free,” he said.

That caught them all off-guard, Discord relishing the expressions on their faces.

“We... We'll think abo--


"What?" Twilight crained her neck back and down toward the baby dragon

Rarity licked her lips as a bead of sweat she glowed, ladies do not sweat."I..wai-"

"Sold!" a resounding snap and a flash accompanied Discords statement causing the girls to briefly shield their eyes.


Blinking the spots from her eyes Rarity reflexively glanced to her left where the baby dragon colt was standing. Oh dear... Swallowing nervously Rarity tried to look back toward Discord. "I... don't think this to be prope--"

"Awww man, what gives Discord?!" The purple coated green maned colt whined as he stomped his hoof with a little clop. "Why am I colt and not a stallion?"

"I do race changes, not age chaanges, its in the fine print, " Discord stated rolling a list out from his stand.

"Awwwww.." Spike lowered his head to the ground and sniffed.

Please no. Rarity bit her bottom lip before nervously eyeing the others around her, No one must know my fetish for litt--

"Rarity..." Spike began as he slowly raised his head up to face her, his wide eyes were filled with unshed tears and lip puckered. "I know I'm still not an adult but... maybe wou--"

"PEGASUS!" Rarity shouted as a bead of sweat rolled down her face.

"I... what?"

"Sold!" Another snap filled the air followed by a rustle of feathers against the air.

"Rarity!" Spike cried as he galloped off toward the suset, chasing a fleeting winged form.

"Ah... another satisfied customer"Discord grinned as he buffed his claws against his chest.

"Ahem." Discord stopped and raised an eyebrow at Twilight, "Celest--- I mean uh.. Changeling."

"What ty--"



The hole ridden carapace of Twi-ling squee'd before erupting in flames leaving a regal Celestia standing in its place. An instant later a cam corder popped into existence before it and Cele-Twi-ling poofed out of existence. A moment of silence passed before Dash turned toward Discord coughing lightly.

Discord smiled.

"Who's next?"

I love the story you've presented so far - I hope it won't be tricky to keep the characters true to themselves in their transformations, though.

Fluttershy to Draconequis, before she snaps herself AND Discord away for a while, leaving a 'be back soon sign over the stand'

What are the odds on Rarity choosing dragon and Spike choosing unicorn on the same day?

Pinkie chooses new changeling and goes on an epic flying shape shifting pranking spree while still being her happy pink self. :pinkiehappy:

That caught everyone off-guard. “S-Seriously?” Spike asked.
Discord nodded. “All eight of you get to turn into whatever you want for a day, completely for free,” he said.
That caught them all off-guard, Discord relishing the expressions on their faces.

I'm no expert, but the statement of catching them off guard being repeated here sounds really weird. It might be better to see if there is another way to phrase this. Just my two cents.

Otherwise the story seems very interesting. Also really glad: Discord didn't make Fluttershy wait out the full 24 hours.

What is Discord accepting in payment? Bits would be considered a device of Order.

“Ah, legal booty covering,” Discord said, relaxing against his stand. “One of the few inventions of Order that I find entertaining.”

This is fantastic. And now headcanon, thanks.

You forgot Bat-ponies Thestrals

or Crystal-pony, Sea-pony. Breezies, Deer, Human !


p.s. What do you get by becoming a earth-pony ?

8012795 Estee's pretty much influenced my headcanon on Earth ponies in that they get powerful geokinesis. Also, anything I missed is covered by 'special request.'

Voted for her turning into a Draconequus because I haven't seen anyone thought of that idea before. Also it would be really interesting for her to see what is it like to be Discord.

Do you remember the When Sheep Sleep episode back in S5? I'm sure most Ponies would choose what they had dream of back there. Though I want to see Derpy do some amazing things!


8011194 How long would you like them to last?

8012898 Maybe the next chapter could be about the Cutie Mark Crusaders swapping their tribes with each other followed by the new chaos the cause because of it.


As long as the customer wants, and I imagine a lot prefer a perma TF.


8013765 I can see all sorts of ways that would backfire.

I know it's a cliche answer, but have Fluttershy turn into a Draconequus. Except where the various animals that make up Discord are predators Flutter's animal parts are from nice, fluffy creatures like a kitten, a bunny, a baby bird and maybe even a butterfly. Otherwise, have her become a griffin so she can explore life as a predator.

what, no bat pony?

8012898 i voted other so i would like to see fluttershy transform into an exact copy of rainbowdash not just in body but in mind as well

Are you going to make a second chapter today?

8027892 Updates come every Friday. The poll will be closing at midnight tonight, Eastern time.

You know, the last fic I read with this premise had Mac permanently switch gender and kiss Spike full on the lips.

...also had more then 'species change' now that I think about it...

Wondering if you're going to get as crazy here.

She should turn into an apple. Obvious

damn this is a great story! If I might offer a fun suggestion, one that will absolutely BAKE Twi Twi's Noodle. Celestia and Luna using Discords Service

Hard choice for Applejack... It could be either being a Unicorn to use magic at the farm or turning into a Pegasus to fly all day long and even race Rainbow Dash.

Also, Discord definitely needs to date Fluttershy fast before the day is over. He'll never get another chance like this.

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...:raritystarry: I approve of this idea! Ooh, ooh, they should turn into Draconequuses...Draconequi...? Or maybe Discord could accommodate them to let Luna look like Nightmare Moon, but without the evil! :trollestia:

Oh, timberjack would be awesome!

8030269 why wouldnt he get another chance? After all nothing was said about ponies not being able to return to his shop for another round so to speak. All Flutters would need do is become a Draconequis again

She should Be turned into a Unicorn

Maybe an Apple, or maybe she wants to be a changeling, to change every form of pony or species for one day.

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