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Behold, the coming oblivion. 'Twas the end of our era, and the beginning of our great work. -Emet Selch


The universe can be a strange and dangerous place. Once you think you've understood almost everything, you are blindsided by something new that changes your viewpoint on everything you had seen before.

In the land of Teyvat, no one knows this better than Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt. As the Captain of the Investigation team for the Knights of Favonius, it's his job to go out into the world and investigate things that cannot simply be understood. Whether it be changes in the behavior of monsters or the ruins of a lost civilization, Albedo's job is turn the unknown into the known. For every effect, there must be a cause or reason behind it.

Yet, Albedo is more than just simply an alchemist. He is also a teacher and more notably, an older brother. Even though she isn't related to him by blood, he see's the little spark knight named Klee as his younger sister. Despite all of the times that Klee had gotten in trouble and end up getting 'grounded' by Grandmaster Jean, Albedo still cares for her and when he isn't busy, would spend time with her and make sure that Klee didn't cause too much trouble whenever she goes out to play

Though, one day, when the two of them venture to the ruins nearby Starsnatch Cliff, they find themselves caught in a rather bizarre circumstance. Now stranded in a unfamiliar world, where magic is present everywhere you look, the two of them have to rely on not just each other, but the residents of the world if they want to make it back home to Teyvat.

As long as Klee doesn't try to blow anything up, everything should be fine... right?

A crossover story with the game Genshin Impact involving the characters Albedo and Klee. This idea kind of emerged as a 'what if' one shot, but after giving it some more thought, I thought I would try to take a crack at it.

Credits to everything shown
MLP by Hasbro
Genshin Impact by Mihoyo
Takes place in between season 8 and 9 for MLP and after the Dragonspine quest line in Genshin Impact, but before Windblume and Midsummer Island Adventure. I'll try to be consistent with updates, but some things IRL might have these updates be a bit more spread out than usual.

Reached Popular stories tab and featured temporarily on 02/5/2021. "Klee thinks you guys are the best!"
Featured again on 2/10/2021. "Da-Da-Da!"
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pfft genshin impact in fimfic?

im a genshin player myself so im interested to see where this goes...

Thought I would be the first one to try and take a crack at it

This is actually pretty good I'm exited to see what happens next keep up the good work.

I use both Klee and Albedo a lot so I'll keep an eye on this.

Thanks. I'm glad to hear it
I got Albedo, but I unfortunately did not get Klee. She's still adorable regardless

Albedo is an interesting character to listen to and Klee is just simply adorable (although really chaotic) so having both in Equestria is interesting and I look forward to more chapters in the future (and I want to see Twilight have a mental breakdown to Albedos alchemy)

I'll level... I haven't read this fic yet, but just seeing its existence made me laugh. Thank you.

I've personally never played Genshin, but I have played its sister game Honkai 3rd Impact, (who coincidentally is doing an Evangelion collab), so I'm pretty familiar with Mihoyo, the company who does both games.

Tracking and faving!

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Comentario en español para confundir a la gente
Aparte de ello, interesante concepto de historia estoy ansioso de ver como se desarrolla
Psdata: no pude estar en el banner de klee pero si en el de albedo que me salió a la primera xD

i dont have both Klee and Albedo T-T

the premise intrested me, cant wait to see more

Klee and Pinkie pie AND Discord, the fun trio

You play Genshin? I play on PS4 myself.

Anyway.... I'm very excited to read this fic. Genshin Impact is one of the best games i the last few years i've played. I'm hoping to get Klee at some point since she is one of the most adorable characters. No luck so far, but i'll get her one day!

I play on PC and I hope to get Klee to at some point. Hopefully she has another banner in the future

Thanks for the chapter!

No problem. Glad you like it

I was curious about when we'd get a Genshin Impact Fic, and it looks great so far.
The only 5* I have are Mona and Ganyu, and I now main the latter with Fischl, Noelle, and XIanling.

My main team consists of Razor, Xiangling, Qiqi and Fischl. As for 5 stars, aside from Albedo, Qiqi and the MC, the only ones I have are Jean, Zhongli (Geo Daddy), Keqing, and most recently Xiao. Unfortunately, I didn't get Klee, Childe or Cocogoat Ganyu

The dialogue is done amazingly well! Perfect! :yay:
Can't wait for the next chapter :trollestia::heart:

Glad to hear that. I was a bit worried about whether or not I could pull off writing the Young Six. Though, what you said lets me know that I'm on the right track. Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Nice job
Buen trabajo

Estoy ansioso por ver más, son impresionantes

Thanks. I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

So glad you are doing one of these 2 characters. Klee was my first ever 5* and I enjoy using both her and albedo on my team 😍
Really enjoy the fic thus far👍

I'm glad to hear that you like it. At first, I was uncertain what people would think of it, but I'm glad to hear such positive reception

Great chapter and excellent info dump for the Equestrians also mentioning that Ruin Guard I suspect we haven't seen the last of that one since we don't know how big the explosion was or how close the Ruin Guard was

Awesome chapter! :yay::heart:

Well first of all Happy Birthday to you
Secondly Excellent chapter and such an amazing interaction between Ocellus and Albedo I can definitely see her as an assistant to Albedo had his situation been different now to see the interaction between Twilight and Albedo (with Klee "killing" Twilight with cuteness)

Thanks. I'm glad to hear that. Though, next chapter is going to a bit of a change of pace. Just as a heads up

This chapter is exceptionally well-written! Awesome work!:yay:

Found a tiny bug that needs a quick fix however :moustache:

“That’s right,” Ocellus explained, “Not only does it not use up as much magic, but it also allows me to use my imagination. Which is another part of it since I have to picture the form I want to picture the form I want to change into in my mind first before I can transform.”

Other than that, amazing writing and dialogue!!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks. Whenever I write, I always end up accidentally duplicating sentences unintentionally. And since I don't have an editor for this, I sometimes miss smaller details like the ones you pointed out to me

When Venti mentioned a god who calls the abyss his home, I had a feeling who it was... Discord!
I didn't think Discord and Venti were old friends. But like the wind, chaos cannot be controlled or mastered. It does whatever it pleases.

That's exactly what I was thinking when I came up with this, actually. That and, like the wind, chaos can bring change since change itself isn't exactly good or bad.

Mondstadt's history also sort of reflect this too. Two key events had the nation in chaos, but change began to roll around in the aftermath of said events. The first being the rebellion against Decarabain and the second being the overthrow of the aristocracy by Vennessa a thousand years later, who would later form the Knights of Favonius and become the first Grand Master. The second of these two events is actually covered in the Manga.

Makes sense that Discord would be more at home to the Abyss than claiming a bit of land in Teyvat and calling the Abyss Order a bunch of immature children made me chuckle a little anyways this was indeed a very nice change of pace to establish more as to whats going on in Teyvat as well as whats going on in Equestria

Beautiful way to tie two different lores together

daaww Klee wants to play with Spike.

i sorta want to see a picture of that

Klee exploding lakes. Heh XD

Hmm, I wonder how you'll incorporate the Imaginary Tree or the Sea of Quanta.

According to the Lore of Honkai Impact, and bits and pieces of Genshin, both share the same Multiverse. Each Universe is connected through the Sea of Quanta, which is realm that exists between universes. Some are small, others are as large as our own. Some contain similar timelines, whiles others are entirely different.

Mona's storyline and the study of Astronomy say that the sky is fake. Which could mean that Genshin's universe is on the small side and that the stars are dimensional rifts into the Sea of Quanta, which is majorly important as constalations provide real benefits to those born under them.

Where things get really interesting is that, the closer the universe is to the Imaginary Tree, (the heart) the higher the chance of dimensional abnormalities will try to destroy said universe. That's essentially what the Honkai are. Some theories suggest that the Imaginary Tree is what creates the Honkai as a way to eliminate any and all threats to its existence, while others say that it's a third party that makes them.

And considering Klee's starry alignment is Luck itself. Well, you're the author. Do with it what ya will. It's completely possible to travel to other worlds through the Sea of Quanta, and it would explain Discords abilities quite a lot.

Heh, Discord - The Herrscher of Chaos.

Most of the lore that I'm using is set in Genshin Impact. From chapter five onward, it goes a bit of a deep dive into that

So no Discord: Herrscher of Chaos?

... I recommend you keep reading. You might be surprised

Lets hope that Twilight and Ocellus will learn why Albedo and Klee are casual with being aggressive to monsters

Hopefully Albedo passes whatever tests Harmonia can throw at him


Trust is something that must be earned through action, not with pretty words or promises. Very wise indeed...

“ Well, first, I was wanting to determine why he seeked my power in the first place, ”

I think this should be 'sought'. could be wrong, though.
Other than that, amazing story, and I'm excited to see more.

Fixed and thanks for the support. I appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

YES! Someone did it finally! :raritystarry: I was thinking of doing a story with Klee and Albedo myself, but now I think I'll choose someone else from Genshin Impact.


newest character atm in Genshin Impact.

pyro spear user with better moves than xiangling imo

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