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Twilight wakes up one morning, and she can't say a word. Neither, for that matter, can anypony else. In fact, all the sound in Ponyville seems to have gone overnight. Is there a logical explanation for this? Probably not. An illogical one? Maybe...

Written as the last in a loosely connected connected trilogy, which also includes Twilight And Friends Can't Stop Rhyming and Twilight The Phraseologist .

All are standalone stories you can safely read independently of each other, so you don't have to read them to understand this.

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Comments ( 8 )

LOL, Kirin time times 1,000. This is the best! Poor everypony, though! O_O

Thanks! :raritystarry:

It's not bad, but this is my favourite of their many hits.

9615576 I'm just going to put this here

Very topical. Here's something else... :moustache:

Coincidentally, darkness is an old friend of mine. How else would we be able to see the stars?

Nine seasons...

And I still like the theme song! :pinkiehappy::trollestia:

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