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Twilight wants to open her school to spread friendship between ponies and all the other creatures she has met on her travels. So before the school can open she must send her friends as ambassadors to find creatures who are willing to learn the magic of friendship.

This story takes place during the period of time covered in School Daze when Twilight is planning her school and trying to get EEA approval.

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This seems like a good story so far. I will track this and see how it goes.


And at no point does she think to get students from the zebras or breezies or Diamond Dogs? Racist.

I want to see Gilda and Gabby again.

“Well, there’s Gabby. She’d probably jump at the chance to go to school in Equestria. But then again, she jumps at pretty much anything.”

I wonder what would happen if she jumped at Smolder.

Twilight would have loved cleaning up a mess while getting a history lecture.

That is true.

Looks like I’m getting pretty good at teaching these friendship lessons, huh?”

Teacher of the month.

Pretty good chapter. I like how Gilda convinced Gallus to go. I wonder who will be next?

Of course Silverstream would jump at the chance to go to the school.

Ocellus is one of my favorites of the new students. The way Thorax and Starlight spoke to her was cute. Also, Pharynx putting Starlight in the bag again was funny. Wonder if he did that to Fluttershy when she visited the Hive in School Daze Part 2?

This is really well written, and everyone seems very much in-character. It's also curious to see how some of the characters, like Ocellus, were somewhat different before they attended the school, and how they changed after making friends (in her case, being less shy and more open). It's nice to see stories like these that fill in the gaps for what the show glosses over due to lack of time.

Pharynx probably held off when he saw who it was. He wouldn't want to invoke Discord's wrath if he put Fluttershy in a bag. :fluttershysad:

Thanks. When I saw the season premiere I really wished that they could have taken more time to establish the school and introduce the Young 6 individually. Even now we still haven't gotten to spend much time with any of them apart from the group. I hope they'll each get some focus episodes at some point.

Great to see another chapter! The Yak school is an interesting idea for their culture. It makes sense Yona decided to go to the school to share the Yak culture.

Pinkie is the perfect choice here! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she had the whole thing planned out, including Rutherford's initial, pride-induced, rejection and then using that same pride to help convince a young yak to represent their perfect-yak ways to others.

This is the chapter I was looking forward to the most, since I wanted to see more of the dragonlands and their culture. I guess getting their student from here was the easiest, Ember orders Smolder to go and she can’t say no, end of story.

Though since the story is still incomplete I guess we still have at least one more chapter. I guess we’ll either see how Sandbar gets recruited or everyone will meet back at the castle to discuss how everything went.

In some ways this was a really difficult chapter to write. We saw in the premiere that Smolder only enrolled because she was ordered to, and we know dragons obey the Dragon Lord without question. So I couldn't find much meat for a conflict since Ember is effectively holding all the cards. I thought about trying to add some more in, but I didn't want it to feel padded.
On the other hand, after writing some intricate conversations with characters trying for a long time to persuade each other into agreeing there was something immensely satisfying about cutting it all short with a simple, "You're going! No questions!"

Sandbar will have a chapter, and I will probably have a short epilogue with them all meeting back at the castle.

Ah. I was wondering if it would be Twilight or Spike. Then you went with both. Good choice.

Funny enough, when the kids ran away during the season premiere, it was actually Rarity that went to the Dragon Lands to talk to Ember about having Smoulder return (not knowing the kids were in the Everfree Forest).

Twilight's dialogue was spot-on. Ember's seemed a bit formal at times, even for a Dragon Lord. Smoulder didn't say much, but her attitude seemed to match when she did.

Heh, now I really do want to know how Spike knew Eber's guards! Also, want to know the back-story as to why is Smoulder so non-confrontational )by dragon standards).

Any kid would probably be completely star struck to meet their heroes. Sandbar hit the jackpot, moving to the same town as his, meeting two at once, and learning he can get lessons from all his heroes.

Wonderfully written, completely in-character, and realistic as to what could've actually happened. Kudos on excellent writing!

And finally someone writes about how Sandbar got his cutie mark! It's never stated in the show, nor is it even implied what his special talent might be. I guess here he's good with animals? That would make quite a good connection with Fluttershy, even if he can't talk to them like she can. Though, in the season opening, it seemed like Ocellus was the one who paid more attention in Fluttershy's class, since she knew about the animals of the Everfree Forest.

Thanks so much!

I've really been hoping for the show to address Sandbar's cutie mark and special talent. I was kicking around a few ideas for it. One thing I thought of was that he could have made friends with the turtles, indicating that he's open to friendships with all sorts of creatures. Another idea I had was that maybe his sister got into danger in the water and when he tried to save her the turtles helped him, indicating that he's self-sacrificing for people he loves. In the end I couldn't figure out what would work best (especially since they might still address it in-universe), so I decided to leave it open to interpretation.

I did see the turtle mark as a way to potentially make him bond with Fluttershy, so I dropped a reference to her nursing a turtle in the prologue, even though at that point I hadn't figured out what I was going to do with it yet. :yay:

Excellent end to a very nice and overall well-written story. Hope to see more writings soon!

What a nice, fun story.

I noticed this was suggested as being similar to one of my fics.
Did you see the group I started for stories about the school?

Nice. We don't have a lot of groups about the school. Feel free to add this story to the group if you want. :pinkiesmile:

I'd say diamond dogs would be more concerned with their own affairs to want to go to school. Though hasbro did miss a perfect oppurtunity with the zebras, that's for sure.

I really do hope we get at least one episode centered around zebras or their culture before the series is done.


Nah. Not gonna happen.

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"Ooh, and after school they took me to a concert of traditional yak music. It was so amazing I wanna learn how to play it!"

I see what you did there! It's cool that you tied this story into a later episode.

Stories like this make me wish I could give a thumbs up multiple times.

Last one, but I’m already liking it 300x better than the season eight premiere ^^’ >.>

I’ll let you know what in thought for our chat date later :raritystarry:

We’ve got the elements of

Loyalty Two, and Laughter Two.

"Pink Pony, this is Yona: top yak student! She is top of her class in smashing, music, and hair braiding. See five-strand braid with ribbons. Is perfectly even! Well done, Yona!"

Um, wouldn’t that be

“Pink Pony, this Yona: top yak student! She top of class in smashing, music and hair braiding. (And then the rest is fine.) “

I guess Yona’s honesty?

Kindness and Generosity came (idk abt Smolder as generosity 2 tho..) are here!

I absolutely agree with your assessment in the author's notes. There was so much potential for intro episodes for each student. Thank you for writing this; I'm looking forward to the forthcoming chapters.

I'm glad you like the premise. Since I wrote this story we did get some more episodes dedicated to the Young 6, but we never really got a good deep dive into each of their backgrounds/characters. Still, I suppose that just leaves more room for people to come up with fanfics. :twilightsmile:

God this feels like its part of the show, very well done definetly fav,ing this one.

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