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During their first week at the School Of Friendship, the students decided to skip class on Friends and Family day. After getting off to a rocky start, they soon begin to open up to each other and truly become friends.

This is based off of the scene we never got to see with the Young Six after they left the school and went to the lake.

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All in all a good story. You've captured the essence of these characters perfectly. Excellent job!
I hope you write more about them, because you're great at it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you very much! This is my first story and i had a blast writing it. As soon as I come up with some new ideas, i'll begin working on another one sooner or later!

If some dialogue between the Young Six toward the end looks familiar, i borrowed it from the MLP gameloft app from when you finish the School Of Friendship storyline quest. I really liked the dialogue and i felt it would work here!

That was adorable, and fairly spot on. Good job! :D

Wow thats an amazing story man

Kind of reminds me of the breakfast club When kids have A little in common with each other but somehow they became friends Despite the race thats awesome

.....and folks remember, you're not just earth ponies, you're not just pegasi, your not just unicorns, your not just griffons dragons hippogriffs yaks or changelings, or even kirin. your equestrians! and if you hear anyone talk against a schoolmate or anyone else because of their species, you go right up to them and tell em THAT KIND OF TALK IS UNEQUESTRIAN!

(this would be a good end to a speech given at friendship school graduation)

also a song about diversity

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