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The other five members of the Young Six all know about Silverstream's old life as a seapony, and they've all seen her in her seapony form several times already. However, during a nice, relaxing field trip to the seaside, Silverstream's elegant seapony form begins to entice certain feelings within Gallus and Sandbar.
Will Ocellus, Smolder, and Yona be able to bring things back to normal? Will they even be able to keep these two boys' emotions in check, and their hooves/talons off of Silverstream's ravishing tail.

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This was cute, and it was amusing seeing Fluttershy help out.

This was enjoyable. I especially got a kick out of the girls' various methods of messing with Sandbar and Gallus. XD

Well, yeah. I said so. Didn't you read the author's note at the bottom.

There should be more stories of the young six.

MJP #5 · Aug 5th, 2018 · · ·

So the big lesson of this story is... boys can’t be attracted to anything?

Uh, no. The big lesson of the story is to not decide you are in love with someone based on physcial appearances alone.
Proverbs 31:30 - "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain."
Gallus learned that he liked Silverstream for reaons beyond her seapony form, and Sandbar realized her prefered Ocellus for the way she was.

MJP #7 · Aug 7th, 2018 · · ·

oh, sorry jumping into conclusions

This was cure

I’d like to see more fics of Silverstream. This was most amusing.

Hilarious and well-conducted. I was almost bawling over "those" moments. I don't think I'll be able to see Sandbar and Silverstream the same way again. I like Smolder's wisdom though - for a tomboyish dragon she's quite intellectual.

Haha ool

While I think it is a good idea to not base relationships based solely on physical appearance, I still ship Sandbar and Silverstream.

This was both cute and hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

"That's the mark of a healthy seapony! A tail that makes lots and lots of slime so it can move swiftly through the water with no drag at all!" Silverstream declared proudly. She then floated closer to Sandbar and said in a smoother tone, "Plus, nothing gets better than a nice, slimy embrace between a seapony and somecreature she likes. She wraps that slimy tail right around his body, as tight as she can. Ya know, so he can really feel that slime."

Hugh Jelly rises from the ocean with THAT FACE...

And things just get downright creepy from there. :twilightoops:

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Sep 10th, 2018

I'm a little surprise a story like this didn't show up sooner.

Also, this shows more evidence as to why Fluttershy wins the Teacher of the Month award more times than any other professor. I also have to admit, the way that Fluttershy helped the other girls break up the infactuation with Silverstream as a Seapony, I saw a suble bit of AssertiveShy showing up. She was still in her element but she kindly broke up some possible resentment and angst showing up on the trip.

Part of me does think that they are seeing like they are still in puberty though...even if they are about through with their processes...

And to conclude, I think Sandbar and Gallus finally got their crushes on the correct creature (Ocellus and Silverstream, respectively) and it's more than just that they are attractive. The boys needed some sense metaphorically knocked into them.

Speaking of, I'm surprised that it's Smoulder that came up with the plan, as well as knowing what it was. Honestly I would be thinking that Ocellus would be the on that knew about the Mermaid Effect, or to make it more plausible, it's Silverstream with that theory...

Wow! I'd say that this is a very interesting story! You did a good job on it, Matt!
You portrayed the characters pretty well, and I loved the interactions between them. Also, I like how you did pair Sandbar up with Ocellus at the end, as I ship them too.

Heh. Nice.

Also, with the new episode out, there's now a different Mermaid Effect. Namely, flying too close to the water while being a cute Griff boy leads to attacks from ambush predators.

oh, you should have put Maremaid

Not bad, and I like how their infatuation with her, and her subsequent unattractiveness to end it, stayed E-rated, as well as a bit of focus on Silverstream's tail, which the show has yet to do.

One thing I didn't like, however, was reference to one of the four episodes I'm ignoring this season due to Rainbow Dash's regression beyond how she ever was in Seasons 1 and 2.

(On a side note, I seen Redwall too. Did you know Tim Curry does Slagar's voice?)

Suddenly, Yona slowly leaned in towards Gallus' right ear and said with a trollish smile, "Gallus mad?"

Best yak.

This was hilarious! Those ladies are devious. :rainbowlaugh:

A comment by a Gold Patreon Supporter! Cool!

That's one way to snap boys out of their crushes. :rainbowlaugh:

*reads the story description*

Now those boys understand my plight.

It was a fun concept, but I feel like you didn’t tap this full comedic potential of the idea. The way they dealt with the sudden infatuation is amusing, but it never really goes past that. Really, the only laugh I had was when Yona asked “Gallus mad?”

Overall it was fun, but I’m left wanting more from it. Still, despite my gripes, have an updoot!

So stupid, and so fun. Stupidly funny. Funnily stupid?
Short, simple, and perfectly ridiculous. 👌

Ocellus looked rather crestfallen, and her whole body seemed to sag as she put her head down. "I don't understand. Why didn't Sandbar want to be my partner?" she asked sadly.

Poor bug

"Well, it's just one of the many weaknesses boys have to deal with," Smolder said cockily. She could see that she had the other girls' attention, so she continued, "The theory goes something like this; although there's probably a different version of it in different parts of creation; anyway, it says that if a boy, or boys in this case, knows a girl pretty well and is satisfied with being just friends with her, and if that girl gets wet in a calm, relaxing, hot environment; bonus points if the girl is floating in the water; then the boy will start to want to make things. . . romantic."

Huh that is a very interesting Theory and I'm a dude

Silverstream put her flippers on the sides of her head and said in a panicky voice, "But what if they don't! What if they never stop fighting over me! What if they stop being friends! What if Sandbar and Ocellus never get together!"

Ohhhh lol oh Silverstream you even ship them too 🤣

I really really loved this, Great☆Work! Also,Changeling slime,greenest thing on the market


I recently learned that "Madison" as a woman's name didn't exist until that live action My Bride is a Mermaid ripoff popularized it.

Romantic, cute, funny and unexpected...I love it!

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