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Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (2 Nephi 15:20)

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MJP #36 · June 11th · · 1 ·

don't know what cry for justice is here's a video

MJP #35 · June 11th · · 2 ·

his hatred of furry reminds me of people who dislike flash sentry and thus write him as an asshole in their fics despite it flying in the face of how he is portrayed in cannon media

the difference is the people who hate flash sentry DIDN'T KILL HIM

this is like if the guy who wrote cry for justice was proud of killing LeAnn

tomhur #34 · June 11th · · 1 ·


also he thinks there is nothing wrong with killing off a child character and acts like that isn't a totally sick thing to do and only complains that OTHER PEOPLE complained

I know right? The guy is a Psychopath. Yes he may not have murdered a real baby but the way he acts he might as well have. I don't CARE if this is fictional I don't CARE if Flurry Heart isn't real and I don't CARE if other people have killed babies before and not been called murders.

Mykan if you are reading this(WHich I KNOW you are) here's why people hate you for this

It's because of your attitude about it.

You're acting like this is something to be proud of like you accomplished something fantastic but I hate to break it to you Mykan you are the only one who thinks this is a good thing. Because I got news for you. Hating someone for merely EXISTING is not something that's accepted. No one is gonna like you for this. If you flaunt your killing of Flurry Heart THAT'S why people are gonna scorn you. You need to get your head out of your ass and realize how unacceptable your behavior is.

And do you wanna know WHY people who killed babies in fiction before aren't considered baby killers? A) Those people more often than not didn't do it because they hated the characters B) They didn't wear their killings as a badge of pride and C) They didn't think it was a good thing like you do.

You can deny it all you want Mykan

But you are a sicko

MJP #33 · June 10th · · 1 ·

mykan is the frank miller of the brony fandom and not in a good way


aslo i just realized you are ONE GUY who has posted NO stories and is barley known on this site, so him trying to paint you as the bully makes him look all the more sick


and as you know he sent me a PM where he tried to play the victim because people criticized him and I just blocked him

next step is reporting

Comment posted by MJP deleted June 10th
MJP #29 · June 10th · · 1 ·

because being criticized is the same thing as cyberbullying

MJP #28 · June 10th · · 1 ·

also he thinks there is nothing wrong with killing off a child character and acts like that isn't a totally sick thing to do and only cpmplains that OTHER PEOPLE complained


No. But it's clear from his attitude he ENJOYS the attention. He's like a parasite FEEDING off our hate.

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