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Welcome to The Collab Cage! The one and only place for all things collab!

Welcome, one and all, authors both famed and fresh, and--above all--friends. This group is dedicated to one thing and one thing only--collaborative efforts, often just called 'collabs'. FiMFiction's relationship with collabs is a bit iffy, so it is this group's dedicated goal to provide a place for a plethora of authors to get together and plan combined efforts. We are a writing community after all--so why should we ignore the community part of that? Here we shall create a central location for the planning, discussing, and posting of collaborative efforts.

Hello, my name is Peregrine Caged--you probably know me from The Album, a massive collaboration of over eighty authors. It's my hope to use this group to further unify the diverse styles and skill levels found in this fandom and to see what we can make when we work together. As well, by being open to the famous and the newcomers alike, and helping them work together, the often unrecognized talent might be found and shared to the community at large. Furthermore, collabs are a different sort of fiction, in my opinion--one that tends to not be recognized within fan fiction writing, at least compared to the musicians or artists. So, as a site like FiMFiction allows us easy access to pony fiction in general, let's use this group to collect and organize collabs of all shapes and sizes.

So, I welcome each and every one of you. Newcomers, be sure to start by introducing yourself here: Introduction Thread. Then read up the Group Rules, Details, and FAQ, to familiarize yourself with how we work. Then, just look around, be friendly, join something! Also, I highly suggest watching the group profile, here; as this will be where group announcements will be posted. And good luck to each and every one of us.

Need help as an author? Editors? Pre- or Proofreaders? Check out: Author Support

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I cant get on the Skype chat whats up with that?

i really Need help..

....I need a mentor.

Comment posted by SilverKaizoku deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

Hey I was led here and was wondering if someone wanted to collab with me on a big project, PM me if you would like to know more info

Hey all! I'm looking for somebody willing to help collab on a story I have going, Forgiveness, PM if you would be willing to help a poor soul out. TANKS!

~Dusty Tome

I do readings on youtube, Wouldn't mind jumping into a collab for one.

Hello, new here, I am here wondering if there is any lucky soul to help me work on a long story of Dark Souls crossovering with MLP. I shall shared the summary if any are interested to make sure everything is running fine. Do PM me if there is anyone willing to help.

Experience in Dark Souls and most of its Lore
Willingness to expand as much content with the story to have fun.

Thank you. :raritywink:

Looking to work with someone on a story about how Spike becomes corrupted with power PM if anyone is interested

Hey ponies I got a cool idea or two please pm me if interested

Looking for a cowriter/artist for a story series I'm working on. Someone to proof-read and give me ideas throughout, or to help work on chapters where I get stuck. Or an artist to make an image for chapters.

Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Dark, Alternate Universe. Completely Cyberpunk, and made up of mostly unofficial O.Cs

Send me a message if interested

Still looking for collab partner. Murder mystery dark thriller and comedy pm if interested

I would like to collab with someone. PM me if you want to collab with me :/

Will be here to help with new Idea's.

:yay: 500th member of collabs hope to work with people real soon :twilightsmile:

Collaboration? As in working wih people? Sign me up! To the introduction thread. Dadadadadada.

Joining :derpytongue2: I'd love to work on Collabs with other people :twilightsmile:

Interesting group! :twilightsmile: It would be pretty neat to work on collabs with others!

Hi guys! I joined Collab because it sounds really fun and I would love to get a chance to work with other authors! Are there any events happening?

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