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EL Dorado

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If you ever need anything, let me know and if you have time, I would like another pair of eyes to see my work

Thank you and don't feel so bad about it

Hello! Thanks for the follow, I hope you enjoy Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree, especially Poink's place she plays in it ;).

If you ever want a kick in the heart let me know, I probably have a story for you.

Come bug me on discord sometime and drop upvotes for the stories you enjoy; that or leave comments and let the author know how to improve.

Thank you, look forward to seeing what you have to say,

Yes I know I already talked to you but I didn't do this to you and that feels wrong to me so I figured I'd give you the official invite.

2038025 Yeah i really like your stories, i was working on my fallout equestria fanfic and then realized my oc was kinda like yours. But still making her because she is not a machine and actually would like to do a little something when mine is done but that will be much later,

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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