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Name: Jii(online name. I don't trust many with my real name)
Age: -
DOB: November 29
Location: Phoenix, AZ

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Greetings and Bienvenue

Greetings and Bienvenue all, and welcome to my page! I'm Crimson-Kazier~ Here's some info about me:

I'm a fairly quiet, passive and mostly calm guy. I'm not what you'd call a "people person". But, I'll treat you with respect and I'd like the same.

I am very supportive, understanding, and incredibly patient(to the point where I've been called too patient).

I will do my best to try and understand people and their troubles and(if I'm able to) help them.
I love anime/ manga, comics, and video games, so my stories may reflect this. I'm also a HUGE lover of animation in general.
Here are 5 of my favorite animes:

1. Bleach

2. My Hero Academia

3. Rave Master

4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Code: Breaker

5. Assassination Classroom and Hitman Reborn

My favorite non-animes:

1. Sym Bionic Titan.

2. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Gravity Falls.

3. Spectacular Spider-Man/Star vs the Forces of Evil.

4. Young Justice.

5. OK KO: Let's Be Heroes/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic(Which is a given).

Outside of story writing, I'm also an amateur reviewer and RPer I write a lot of headcanons and have even started building a next gen AU.

I also write oc profiles and parodies of shonen jump manga.

I like shipping. A lot. It's why I came here at first, but that has changed for the most part. I also wish to improve my own skills as a writer)

I'll also be including some of my ocs from time to time.

That's basically it for now. I look forward to reading with you all. (Psst. If you're interested, here's a list of ships I like and dislike. You should read the author's comment's box)

(Your comments keep me alive!)


This account's not dead, but I am inside. · 7:53pm Nov 6th, 2018

That's all.

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That's fair. All that considered, you probably made the right decision.

After talking with some friends, a lot of self-realization and losing a friend due to my actions, I decided to cancel the story.
For the record; I didn't cancel Hunters because I thought it was bad. I canceled it because it had a negative effect on my physical and mental health. I was obsessed with the story to the point where I'd forget to eat or sleep just so I could work on it. I still think that, with the right amount of effort, it can be a great story... But, it's not one I can tell right now.

I also decided to take a break from long fics and focus on a few one-shots for a bit and to fully plan this new long fic out 100%.
Plus, having smaller fics under my belt could not only help me improve as a writer but improve my visibility and presence.

Right now, I'm working on three one-shots and am nearly done with one of them. After I get done with all three, I'm probably gonna write a few more and maybe start talking about a new long fic that uses elements from Hunters.

I probably should(and most likely will) put all of this in a journal either tonight or tomorrow.

Ah, wondered what happened there. May I ask why, if only for the sake of curiosity?

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