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This group is dedicated to the students of's new fad, NextGen High School, created by kilala97 and Lopoditty.
Stories will be excepted on the grounds that they are strictly NGHS or just NextGen stories. Pictures can be PM'd to DeadlyPegasister here on Fimfiction to be displayed each week in the weekly student blog post.

The rules for stories are somewhat strict:
-NSFW/Mature stories will be removed immediatly.
-Teen stories might be accepted, but will need to be reviewed first. Any stories reviewed with sexual acts/sex itself will be immediately removed.
-Any stories that use another user without his/her consent will be removed until it is fixed.
-The stories can be ponified/in Equestria, Equestria Girls - NOT Canterlot High, anthro, or regular human world.
-Please post your stories in the correct folders, which will be labeled as follows; Equestria, Equestria Girls, Anthro, Human.
-You may allow kilala97 and Lopoddity in the stories, but they must be the principal and vice principal, in that order.

The first blog post includes the male and female uniforms and the rules that come with them.

If you follow the rules, you will do great here at NextGen High School!

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